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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WAM. women action and media. Another silly feminist website with an inferiority complex.

To be honest I have no idea what this site is saying...
"We, like you, are also concerned about Facebook’s habit of removing non-sexual images of women’s breasts while allowing sexualized images of women’s naked bodies to remain."
First, facebook is not removing non sexual images of women's breasts, and second, if they (wam) want women's breast to be on facebook, isn't that sexualizing women?????
I'm confused....but then we are talking about a feminist website here...so confusion rules their day, I don't think they know what the hell they want, either that or they are jealous as shit.
If we see the majority of sexy women on facebook, such as this one, there is no way someone can tell me these ladies are been exploited by anyone, they are either women's site or their own personal site....but some of them are administered by women, so are they saying women are sexualizing themselves or that they are jealous they don't look like them?

Actually, let's face facts here, what they really want is to shut down most men's site that are against radical feminism, like avfm, men's right initiative, anti-feminism, anti misandry, exposing feminism, so on, one of them already has been shut down for a day, and my guess is the rest are in for it also...that is why I will never have a facebook page.
What we have to realise is that facebook is not a site to express free opinions anymore but a feminist based website....

You only have to search facebook to see that most sexy women's site are their own, promoting themselves as models or just enjoying showing their body.
Just type in sexy on facebook to see no women are been exploited, or they sure don't look like they are been exploited to me....most of the comments are respectful, and some are, shall we say ..expressive to say the least, but it is not men who are posting them it is the models themselves.
You can find hundreds of sites, most run by....women. Or like I said, models...
I could not find one site that glorifies, promotes or makes light of rape, domestic violence or other forms of gendered violence.
I did find one last week that said "beat your boyfriend to keep him inline", but thats gone also...and anyway, most of us would not support any kind of violence against our daughters, but you don't see that point making it to this wam site.....
Some anti feminist web pages might be a bit radical to some, but I have never seen any that glorifies rape, and I do not think any of us would support them if they did. I am not saying there are none, but as men, fathers and husbands, if there were, we would also be against it.

Personally, I think the feminists are feeling the pressure, men, fathers are fighting back, and they are trying everything to stop it...well I say, good luck with that.

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