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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thumbs up to Sears, showing the world, Dad is the first hero of a child.

Slowly, very slowly, we are showing the world, we are not rapists, abusers or murderers..and it is nice to see,some have decided to be wise and promote this openly...it is a start, a long way to go, feminists and their  manginas are well entrenched, but we are making headways.
We are....DAD.
A boy's first hero, a girl's first love...
Let's hear it for the original Superman

I will not stop until this "SHIT" is denounced and thrown in the trash bins of history...because I am DAD...
Page, promoted by women's shelters and ontario feminists...

Here is an add that promotes feminist equality...now imagine for one single minute, how long it would take for the feminist to react if it was the other way around...a nano second? It wouldn't be pretty that's for sure.
Kolotex Voodoo misandry anti male advertisement

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