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Thursday, June 27, 2013

This is particularly disturbing, an ex wife's greed.

Innocent man jailed 24 years, and his ex-wife wants cut of his payout
This one isn't going to do much for the reputation of ex-wives. Many folks might argue that Steven Phillips deserves any break he can get: Convicted of a number of sex crimes in the '80s, Phillips was exonerated by the courts after spending 24 years in prison when DNA implicated another man. He was provided with a "compensation package" totaling around $6 million for those two and a half decades — and the woman who divorced him while he was in jail, Traci Tucker, wants a cut. Last year a judge awarded her $150,000, and now Phillips is appealing that decision: "To make a claim on those years I spent in prison is really freaking outrageous," he says.

I'll let you guys sort this one out, I found it to be disgusting and perverse.
The judge awarded 150.000, the lawyer who took the case for the ex wife, how much did he or she make, what the hell is wrong with these people. The ex didn't live with him during that period, he was in jail for something he did not do, and she did not stand by him, she divorced him...

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