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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The danger of inviting outside force into your family home.

This generation has suffered at the hands of those who see families as a tool to promote their agendas and views on how we should behave. (feminism been the worse of all)
This concept of gender division is foreign to us and has no place in the structure of native families or any families for that matter.
Men and women have gotten along for the benefit of children since the beginning of time and will do so long after this divisive hateful group passes into the history books as one of the worse idea of all the bad ideas humanity has ever come up with.
One of the worse situation a family can experience is lack of  faith in each other, not getting involve in their community, or letting some outside forces dictate how the family circle should be rearranged according to their beliefs.
If a nation is to be strong for children and the generations to come, we must all band together, men and women, recognize our individual importance to the circle of life, have faith in our existence that we are all here for a reason, and no one is above another.
All the nations use to believe this a long time ago, and the people were happy, until outside interference infected the system. Now these same destructive forces are destroying families at an alarming rate, and this is what destroys a nation from the inside out.
The long term results are never positive.
Those of us who live a traditional life, respecting life and each other are more stable than those who depend on a system for advice.
Even though some mean well in the first government, (elected people), the corruption inside the second government of the democratic west, namely the bureaucracy, has cause so much problems with their ideals of the perfect society that they have now become the stick in the wheel of human evolution.
Technological advancement is nothing if humanity does not follow, and we cannot evolve if we fight amongst each other.
Every individual has a place in shaping history. All are important in making a difference in someones life.

May the Great Spirit watch over you and your loved ones.

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