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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The climate change issue; feminists using it for their own personal vendetta.

Actually when I read this post from mail online, the thing that did popped out is how much the funding was going to be by 2020...
"The report – Women and Climate Change – calls for a 40 per cent female quota on all EU delegations in climate negotiations and on the committees that allocate climate aid from member states. Funding is set to reach £62billion a year by 2020. "
In my personal experiences with the feminists of my area, Lanark county ontario, it is always about funds. How much money they can get their mitts on, and who they can demonize to get it, always men by the way at the expense of children.
There is nothing in this report that can change my mind on this, you can always find them to seek to advance their cause, and that is to make us men out to be the bad guy. To promote themselves higher, gain financially and personal power. Especially when there is money and extra funds involved.

And then I laughed when I saw this
Fortunately another "woman" straighten her out with a more realistic comment about her views..
"Marina Yannakoudakis, a MEP for London, referred to Miss Kiil-Nielsen’s motion “bonkers, baseless and bad for women”.
This is why we, sometimes have to point out the humour, though dangerous, of it all. There are some out there who will listen to nuts like her and the radical greedy feminists who cannot keep their yap shut and keep on making really dumb statements...

And if you point this out to them, they will believe it also...
Follow the yellow brick road.....Feminists.
It's a rock by the way....

And we must never forget the lowly mangina, he too makes really dumb statements, 
"Women must stop admiring men who drive sports cars if they want to join the fight against global warming,"
Can I get a huck huck, and a giggle here...Especially from you ladies....lol
This blog "enjoys" pointing out the stupidity and moronic arguments of feminists and the lowly mangina...

Humour aside, the argument that this "feminist" made about climate change been a plot by men...yadda yadda...enforces my argument that it is about their personal power, money and hatred of men. I have researched this even with the local's behaviour, when they talked about their twisted issues, where in all this are the children mentioned? Never...
The hear them talk, feminists point out that the weakest element in our world is women, they need protection, power and money to defend the weakest of us all...
Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the weakest of us all, "talking as responsible adults", is not women, it is our children. If climate change will affect any human beings first, it is not women, it is children.
So, how come when I read about stupid statements as those above, I never see them defending children before adults????
Or are feminists (aka Hagasaurus Parasiticus Pet-A-Catosaurus; the dino encyclopedia definition, ok a little humour of my own) saying they, and the women they "claim" to speak for, consider themselves in need of more protection against climate change than children...If so, then they should not be out there, working, walking alone, putting themselves in danger of all our Earthly climates and it's dangers....
We, "adults", that is "normal" men and women are here to protect our children first and if we have time, then we should look after these poor feminists who consider themselves more vulnerable than kids...
Personally, I believe the feminist movement has run its course, whatever that was, when they put themselves before children, then you know somethings wrong. They thrive on division, when we should speak with one voice,  climate change is a worry, just ask oklahoma. 
The ones that will suffer if it gets worse is not adults but children, the very thought that it will affect women first is insulting to anyone of us who are realistic and "informed".
But then, no one ever accused feminists of been "realistic".
The rest of us will put "our kids before ourselves".

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