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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweden's new national defense policy, put the feminist in charge...

If we think about it, it would be a great idea who's time has come.
Civilian life under feminism has worked so well, that other European countries are laughing out loud, in glee.
With bus drivers wearing skirts to feel cooler because they were not allowed to wear shorts,

getting rid of those bad gender words like him or her and replacing them with "hen".

Now, eliminating that oh so bad example of male domination...pissing standing up?
Yes folks, with these new civilian feminist policies in place in Sweden, which work so well in showing the world what real gender equality is, this could be applied to the military.

Imagine an invading army, let's call it country x, comes a calling, on the battlefield, we have all manners of destructive weapons ready to kill and maim. Lord almighty what do we do?
Out of the woods comes the Swedish military, soldiers wearing skirts, (not kilts), referring to each other as hens, soldiers squatting down to piss.
Swedish tanks painted pink, field artillery painted yellow and in the skies above, combat jets in flowery purple.
Now, in such a situation, 3 things could happen,
1- because of so much pink, everybody is calm and dancing in circles singing kumbaya.
2- the opposing army die laughing.
3- and the most probable, the armies of countries x, pack up and leave, saying.."who the fu&*%^ would want that country".
So you see, putting feminists in charge of national defense would be.....beneficial.

Now if you think this was..ridiculous, I agree, but think about men wearing skirts, replacing him and her with hen, and making men sit down to piss...and decide who is more ridiculous.

There has to be balance between the needs of women and the needs of men, if feminists are in charge, they put really stupid ideas out there, most of them, have an inferiority complex, or have gone through a bad experience with an "individual" and brought their experience along for the ride, and it has developed into hatred for most of them.
Swedish feminism or femen, whatever they call themselves has become the butt of jokes in the rest of Europe, true some of them have dabble in feminism, but not to the extent Sweden has.
At least they have somewhere to look and see what will happen if they let their feminists go too far.

We all have girls and boys in our families, we have fought in the past to take them out of mines and industries,an education to give them a decent wage when they grow up and died in wars to give them freedom of speech and expression, free to be who they want to be, free to learn what they want to learn. We did not choose one over the other, we did it for the greater good.
Embracing any kind of one sided radicalism is always dangerous, it weakens a nation, promote divisions which some elitists will take advantage of and usually ends up reversing the advancement we all made together.
Feminism, as we can see above, has become a joke, somewhere down the line, something happened, and the lame in their ranks took over.
Personally, I find expressions such as these...pretty fu#$% disturbing....
Is there any men's rights advocate who ever made quotes about the female gender like this? I am not talking about personal comment on facebook or youtube but well known mra"s the way well known feminists do?

As I said before, to me, feminism has become a comedy act best suited for the comedy bar, the more I read, the more I find it a ridiculous notion of some people with a very bad inferiority complex.

But some of us have made terrible mistakes in the past, promoting and following one specific ideal without the right to criticize it...
And it never turned out too good.........Did it?

Actually it is nice to see a lot of the ladies out there, who have son's themselves taking a stand against such a destructive ideal. Maybe there is still hope for the next generation to experience true equality.

If you fight for what is right, remember who you are doing it for....

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