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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lanark county report.. No one is safe anymore from false rape accusations.

A SOLDIER arrested for a rape that never happened told how the allegation has ruined his life - as his accuser was jailed for eight months.

At least she went to jail, though the crying thing was a little to late. No pity for this person here.

How can anyone believe instantly someone who claims rape? The police now have to keep in mind that it could be a false claim and investigate under that assumption, putting a lot of pressure on them and eventually they are accused of not caring by radical feminists.
These false claim are victimizing not only the male who is accused, but the real victims themselves.
Reality is, the dv industry accepting anyone who makes such a claim at face value increases their worth and statistics, then they can demand more money on the claim that dv is on the increase.

Even here, the O.P.P. reported only about 60 domestic assault calls in one quarter, so put the 4 quarters in the year and it is about 240 calls, in that years.

erin lee todd
Yet,  one of the local woman's shelter, of Lanark county was claiming 2259 abuse calls in a year.

How many of those were...false. How much money and time was spent on false claims at the expense of the real ones.
But that is the way things work in the domestic violence industry, false or not, it is put into their statistics, and then the next year they claim an increase and this way they get more money, just like any business.

What a sad state of affairs, when money takes precedence over the victim. Starting a selection process would save money and those who need the help would be better treated with adequate programs, instead of been throw into the pile.

And in these cases, 99.99999% of the times, the falsely accused is a man. How many men were dragged away, how many were refused access to their kids, or had to visit them under supervision. How many had their heart broken because of such behavior, but hey who cares right, after all, we are only men.

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