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Saturday, June 8, 2013

More men falsely accused of rape.

 Be careful who you date these days.....

Woman, 31, falsely claimed two strangers broke into her house and raped her by selecting their profiles from Facebook
A woman who falsely accused two strangers of raping her in a bid to win back her boyfriend has escaped jail.
In an attempt to garner sympathy from her partner, Linsey Attridge, 31, claimed the two men broke into her house in Aberdeen and attacked her.
She even punched herself in the face and ripped her own clothing to make her story seem more credible.
Attridge then spent three days trawling social networking sites so she could hand over profiles of the men she claimed were responsible to police.
The two men were detained, questioned and had to undergo forensic and medical examinations because of her claims.

Strange, this puts real victims at risk of not been believed, so where are the feminists, why is it only men's site expose this?
Since they don't say anything, must be that they "support" false rape accusations and do not give two shits about real victims.

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