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Monday, June 24, 2013

Men on Strike...A new way on how to deal with the fear of radical feminism.

Going on strike and not fighting back against those who label men as animals only empowers them to continue. The title is meant to cause debate, have we become afraid of radical feminists?

I  know that a lot of men do not subscribe to the idea that they fear feminism, but the reality is, a lot of them do, especially those who are in a higher position in life. I.E. politicians, businessmen men so on.
If they dare to say or do anything the feminist doesn't like, well they are in for one hell of a beating, usually "the blame game" like "he doesn't care about women and children, he's a rape apologist", or "men hold power through rape" or my favorite, the so call "big bad patriarchy". (real meaning of patriarchy)
 Where I live, Lanark county Ontario, I followed a story a while back, the local shelter asked for funding to the local council for the shelter in Carlton place Ontario. I guess the million they get from government, local businesses, personals donations, yearly fairs of all kind and fund raising activity is not enough.
The local county council, been in a financial difficulty like so many municipalities around the country, explained that they were not in a financial situation to help for the moment.
Well....it did not take long for the director of said shelter to throw out to her local media, the emc and courrier, that the local council did not care about women and children. In my opinion she knew damn well what she was doing.

To actually say, local politicians do not care about women and children is a powerful fear tactic. If one is tagged as such, even in a small way, in our day and age, that person can kiss their political career goodbye. Which in my opinion shows the realities of the politics of fear. It is not true any politician would dare to show they do not care about women and children, so if they say, "we can't give you money for the moment because of the financial situation", then you better believe they are telling the truth.
 If we look at the dates between the the decision not to allocate funds, and the reversal, it is just about over a month.

Of course this is a small example but you get the point, "if we don't get what we want, beware"....

The politics of fear is everywhere in Ontario, we can clearly see what anyone would describe as a hate message against men on this site, which I have posted before and will continue until they (feminists) take it down. And you can be assured that women's shelters are part of this site.
Now imagine if things like that was said about other groups.
Sooo… why is it allowed to continue against men??? And I went to this site this morning, it is still there… It beckons to ask oneself, where are  the politicians "we" elect, I mean, aren't they men? What about female politicians, don’t they have sons and husbands, do they believe this crap, and is this the way they treat men, with the belief all men hold power through rape in Ontario?????
That is the politics of fear from feminists, as for “the nice feminists”, sorry but if you don’t say anything against this, you are part of it.

The only avenue left to us, to expose those who use the system for corrupt and hateful ideas is the internet. Since those we vote for will not speak, out of fear, then we will. And when no one seems to speak out against statements such as these, what are we supposed to think.
It is extremely dangerous for a man to be in a relationship these days, admittedly, most women will not do this or believe it, but as men, how are we supposed to know who is who anymore.
The statement above is only from one disgruntle feminist, but if one searches, these "message" are prevalent in feminist ideology, they are the ones who started the radical feminism we have today, so if they are not denounce, then they agree...
Even if, some feminist had a bad experience with an individual once, does that make them "experts" on the affairs or the behavior of men? of course not, it only means they bring their negative experience with them and hate, to places such as shelters, and how does that help real victims when they are told all men are rapists.
Men, and I am talking about the real definition of men, do not rape women, and the same goes for the women, it is the act of an individual. OK, we can be horn-dogs at times, but so can the ladies, it is nature. It has come to the point, feminists have expanded their definition of rape to the stare, We can't even admire a good looking woman anymore, at the risk of been called a rapist.
 So, what do we do, do we fear them enough to go on strike? Do we allow them to continue their hate messages? Do we sit back and cower?
Some have just given up and went on their own way, can you blame them, but to be realistic, only 20% of the female population consider themselves feminists, which means, the rest of them still do not like men to act like wussies...and want men to be men...
And as a father of 2 beautiful girls, I always said and continue to say, there is a big difference between women and radical feminists, we should all walk side by side to make things better, if one tries to walk in front, then we make no advancement whatsoever, because the one behind is "afraid" to speak.
And that is the politics of fear....

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