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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Local feminists of Lanark county no longer targeting Stewart park for their anti men monument.

I while back I expressed my discomfort with a women only monument in a family park such as Stewart park.
There has been other victims in lanark of violence, not only women, first it was 18 women now it's 11. Can no longer find the original link to the 18 women, but in this link, they say it's 11, well so be it.
Even children have been victims in Lanark, but nothing about it in the local paper, the emc, there use to be, but for the sake of me, everytime I put a link about other people been abused in this area, it disappears...ok.
There use to be stories about this in the local media, saw one no more than a week ago, but again it has disappeared.
This is a very conservative county, our mp and mpp are both very involved in local affairs and very accessible, but the media is of the other persuasion, and always try their best to ignore traditional values and push the other side of the coin.
"Don't be a 'drag' come out and support Interval House at Perth fundraiser June 14"
Interval house's support for the lgbt community...never anything about mom and dad, families.
"Lanark County celebrates Pride in Perth"
I would like to see something in this newspaper about the traditional family and how we depend on them for a stable society and emotionally stable kids...
Both are in the local media, especially the left wing emc courrier. (Not bothering to put links because since I put them here they will be gone soon anyway, and I will not offer free advertising to this shelter)
I have nothing against the gays of lanark, live in peace, but I do have a problem when they are promoted and anything to do with the majority of people in Lanark county, families, parents, husbands, wives, is ignored and nothing about their lives has the slightest importance.
I have put a few stories about this shelter and local feminists promotion of this monument, and why I and so many others are against it, as I said above, I put links, but I noticed, as soon as this blog puts links they are gone. But in the same newspaper, you can find stories that go back years....Seems to me, they are trying to hide or do not like bad publicity...Either way, for every media outlet, there should be an opposition to their "idealism".
Why I am against a monument for women only victims in Stewart park Perth Ontario
Women's monument proposed for Stewart Park
Local women's shelter in financial trouble, but spends money on promoting a statue?
All the links on those pages are gone...

Promoting a statue for one gender is wrong, kids, men, have also died or been abused in lanark. In the link I put above, you can listen to the feminists, who say they have great support, I beg to differ, they have given up on putting it in stewart park and are aiming for another place. That is because families objected to a monument that will be used to demonize husbands and fathers in Perth. And that is exactly what will happen.
Actually this radio station is pushing the monument so much that they rebroadcast the interview.
May 28
June 4th

Their main talking point when they do gather is always ecole polytechnique in montreal, true, what happened was horrible, but this is their main subject to attack men. Always is...Oh, they will mention marc lepine, the one that murdered those girls, but alongside men this and men that....and that is what disgusted me the most.
Let me refresh their little minds...men do not do this, men will never do this, this was the act of an individual, not all men.
I know they are trying to do this to demonizer men, at  the expense of "real victims", they did it to me and other men; and in ontario, supported by the local shelter in carleton place and local feminists, they believe all men are bad, no one can convince me otherwise, because this is still on their site.

I try very hard not to make it a personal thing, but after been demonized for being a father and a man, cops at my door because I didn't want strangers to ruin my kids future, it is hard not to be...
I call it an opposition to their idealism, and the only opposition to it, in lanark county.
I cannot speak for other men in the area, but I do know this, I do not hold power through rape and sexual harassment of women....and I find that statement above to be very insulting and hateful.

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