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Friday, June 7, 2013

Is facebook causing its own downfall with the help of rabid feminism?

The recent uproar about facebook's caving in to rabid feminism has gone further than avfm, and other anti feminists sites. Facebook has made it's first really bad mistake, "telling the younger generation what they can and cannot do" or in this case what they can or cannot post.
Whether the young go to anti feminists sites is to be debated, but you can be sure that they will post something they consider funny or otherwise and find themselves more and more in contradiction with facebook's rules. And once that happens, you can be "certain" that someone out there will see an opportunity and start another social network and make the owner of said pages their own responsibility, when this happens, you can say by-by to facebook, unless they change their views on the freedom of expression and the internet. Which from what I can see, will not happen anytime soon.
Either way, sites have popped up against facebook's recent controlling attitude, and with the young becoming more and more conservative and aware of their places in society, they are realizing that been self-sufficient is a good thing and depending on organisations that "tell" them what to think is undesirable.
For example;
A picture that was promoting slut power made its way on the internet, we looked at the comments to see what the young thought about it, the most dislikes of the picture came from...yes, young girls, especially the ones under 20....They thought it was demeaning to who they really are. As for the boys, well boys will be boys, but a lot of them mentioned the lack of respect she had for herself. The point is, the feminist message was nowhere to be found in the comments. Even though the word feminism was on the picture itself.

Rabid feminism will never be totally gone, but we can see by the way they behave, (facebook been the latest) they are worried about the lost of power they are experiencing, especially with the young, and if the message is honest, we can abolish the power they now have and replace it with a more even look at what the world should be.
Politicians better notice soon because if they don't they will be replaced with more suitable people who look at society on a more even playing field...
In any uprising, revolution, or whatever you want to call the fight against rabid feminism, you know you're making headway, when they try to shut you up, or in this case, shut you down.

Instead of me putting up and researching the imbalance facebook is promoting with their feminist friends, I found this site which pretty well explains what the younger generation thinks of their controlling agenda.

From judgybitch
Awwww. Facebook doesn't wike us. Boo hoo. Go fu.. yourself, Facebook. What a pack of raging hypocrites.

Facebook, which already polices and censors images of illegal activities like breastfeeding and child pornography has now decided that posting anything that dares to question feminism constitutes hate speech and will be removed from the site.

Recently there has been some attention given to Facebook’s content policy. The current concern, voiced by Women, Action and The Media, The Everyday Sexism Project, and the coalition they represent, has focused on content that targets women with images and content that threatens or incites gender-based violence or hate.
Facebook is not the first internet organization to decide that questioning feminism constitutes hate speech. Symantec blocks sites that are critical of feminism and that openly support boys and men, including sites whose purpose is to assist boys and men who have been the victim of sexual assault! http://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-rights/open-letter-to-symantecnortono2-on-censorship/ Obviously, JudgyBitch is on the list of banned sites.  Paul Elam at Voice for Men has some serious concerns about Facebook’s decision to cave in to a small but vocal minority of radical feminists attempting to create a new world order in which women(feminists) can never be criticized for anything ever. http://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-rights/its-on/
What is happening, and it is going to happen more swiftly than you can imagine, is that just as we have seen in academia, in the military, in many workplaces and more recently in the secular community, feminists are using whatever tools are at their disposal to ensure that their narrative is the only one allowed. Let’s take a look at what that narrative is, in a little more detail.  We’ll keep the feminist focus on gender based violence and hate.  Let’s go for a little swim through the underbelly of Facebook.  Just to be clear, nothing you are about to see or read will be prohibited under the new Facebook policy. I’m sticking mostly to images here, as they tell the story quite beautifully, and quite frankly, reading the quotes was making me a little ill. Ready?
Let’s start with single mothers.
Sirs, please remove your heads from your anal cavities and wash the shit out of your mouths before attempting to talk to women. Please and thank you.
That is ONE Facebook page.  Just one.  There are lots more.
Here’s one for bad boyfriends.  The bad girlfriends one will obviously be protected.
mary poppins
Here we have just general ranting against boys.  Rantings against girls will be prohibited.
boys suck
Here are a few lovely ladies dreaming of murder.  Ruminations of the dismemberment of your ex-wife will be prohibited.
kill husband
kill your boyfriend
Here are some pages that consider men to be less intelligent, along with one or two incitements to violence.
stupid two
eye 3
Here are some pages declaring female supremacy with accompanying incitements to violence.  These are acceptable.  Declare male supremacy and you will be banned.
The ever lovely and ever inspiring “Divorce Cake” industry, in which decapitation seems rather popular, and we totally know cutting a man’s head off is just fair play, right?  No violence or hate there.
cake 8
cake 5
cake 4
A bit more female supremacy.
You know why this whole shitstorm doesn't really bother me all that much?
Young people are abandoning Facebook in droves.  Their minds cannot be reached by the radicals who wish to dictate what they may and may not think. http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidmartin/2011/06/16/one-simple-rule-why-teens-are-fleeing-facebook/
This week’s Economist has a story about the emergence of liberalism in Britain’s youth population, but they use the word differently than North Americans do.  Liberalism is not being liberal in the sense of being extremely accommodating and generous with state monies.
Liberalism in the British sense means personal freedom, rule of law, active but accountable government, free but responsible markets, mutual toleration and equal concern for all.
And it is the younger generation that is liberal.
Polling by YouGov shows that those aged 18 to 24 are more likely than older people to consider social problems the responsibility of individuals rather than government. They are deficit hawks. They care about the environment, but are also keen on commerce: more supportive of the privatisation of utilities, more likely to reject government attempts to ban branding on cigarette packets and more likely to agree that Tesco, Britain’s supermarket giant, “has only become so large by offering customers what they want”.
And those voters are precisely the ones who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Facebook.  The young don’t like being told what to think and what they are allowed to read or see, especially not by ideologues who have been a key part of why they face hardships their own parents did not.
Facebook is nailing its own coffin shut by further alienating the young in service to rabid feminism.
The day Facebook dies is the day I'll bake a divorce cake.  We'll cut Facebook’s head off.  And enjoy every minute of it.
fuck off

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