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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

False accusations victimizes everyone, (mostly men) but also the victims.

False rape accusers primarily victimize men, but they also abuse the real victims.

This is no time for sisterhood: Women need to get angry with rape liars like Linsey Attridge,  she's abusing them as well as the system
'Too many people assume that there is a party line when it comes to gender issues – that women must support each other, no matter what. But such misplaced loyalty is insane'

It is insane, it is disgusting and it is used for greed, power, money, a tool by those in the D.V. industry with an inferior complex to demonize and to make themselves feel more important than they really are, at the expense of real victims and any innocent person who just happens to fall in their site, and we all know that those are men.

It has become a world wide infection, especially in the western world. I do not deny there are real victims, but they are put in the same bucket as those who make false accusations. Both, the false accuser and the real victims are used in feminists statistics, especially women's shelters, they do not differentiate when it comes to asking for more funds from governments. Which basically means they do not respect what the real victim went true, just that she is a statistic. Why should they, no one holds them accountable. But don't take it from me.
As you can see, it is about the money not the victim, which means every time shelters puts out statistics on domestic violence, it is "exaggerated". So what is the real numbers, 30-40% of those are false accusers, and even if it is let's say 20%, and in my experience, I doubt it, the waste of fund which would go to the real victims, that is men, women and especially children is thrown away for political and financial gains? If there was a selection process, throwing out those who make false accusations, wouldn't that  be better for the victim who needs the help, how much money is spent on those who use the system, or man hours which would be best redirected towards the real mandate, to help...How does going after good men, or demonizing them to such a point were some are afraid to fight back help anyone, if that is not a political ideal with a goal in mind I don't know what is. Giving stiff sentences to those who make false accusation, and anyone else who is involve in promoting such things for financial benefits would greatly reduce the damages it really does, and the usual unnamed victims of all this is always children. Dad is bad, dad is the devil, if you go visit dad he will eat your soul, his girlfriend is also evil, so on....I have talked to other fathers, some with custody, it was a fathers group, and if there was animosity between them and the mother, the usual discussion was, I don't like her but she is still the mother. I can't speak for other fathers, but personally I never got that respect, I gave it, your mother is your mother no matter what, but it was never returned, and in the long run, it divided the family, whereas different path had to be taken. And that is what is so sad...

The problem is, and I have said this before, the more they go after men, the more they lose support, everything they spew about us, is heard by our mothers, wives and daughters. I have shown women some real quotes behind the "nice" ones, where radical feminism really began, and if the "nice" feminist say they are not part of the movement, then they are in denial, and once these ladies saw the real quotes behind the nice ones, the ones that are from the feminist leaders, all of them were disgusted.
It is information that destroys bigotry, the lack of it empowers it.

False accusations is quickly becoming a problem for those who created it, use it and promote it.

Here is a couple of quotes, reverse the gender and you would have screeches in the night for years.
“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin
“The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men.” — Sharon Stone
Just imagine for one minute if these quotes were about women....all hell would break lose.
So were is the balance in such quotes?

But if that's not enough, men are not the only target, children and their mothers also are....
All men achieve power through rape and sexual harasement.
Under patriarchy, every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." -- Andrea Dworkin
I say they attack women in this quote because most sons are raised by their mother, so they are saying mothers raise their sons to be rapists?????
It just does not make sense to be a feminist, women are to men, what ying is to yang, same race, but different with different qualities, that is what gives a families and the kids a better learning experience and a better chance at life. The power to live with each other does not reside in division, but in understanding our differences.

Anyway, here is more reading stuff...
Victim Advocates Speak Out on False Allegations
August 10, 2012

False allegations have become a major barrier to victims of sexual assault getting the help they need. As trivial claims clog the system and consume scarce resources:

A growing number of victim advocates are speaking out on the problem of false allegations:

•Rape is No Joke: “Enormous damages are done by making a false allegation of rape”
•DA Hallie Dixon: “False reporting…can be detrimental to the prosecution of legitimate crimes.”
•Judge Kevin Kilrane: False accusers do “tremendous damage to genuine victims of rape who are going to be undermined.”
•Judge Stephen Hopkins: “Every false allegation of rape increases the plight of those women who are genuinely victims of rape.”
•Justice Enriques: “False complaints of rape necessarily impact on the minds of jurors trying rape cases.”
•Community of the Wrongly Accused: “It is our experience that rape victims have no tolerance for rape liars.”
•Columnist Andrea Peyser: “This could present a huge problem for future rape victims.”
•Columnist Myron Pitts: “Real victims of assault are never helped by phony claims. It is already difficult enough for women to report to police such a traumatic experience.”
•News and Star: “False Rape Belittles Victims”

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