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Saturday, June 15, 2013

False accusations used against men for revenge, custody of the kids, etc. on the increase.

If I was to tell my story to anyone, the press, my representatives, men's help group, so on, the story I put up at the bottom would be the one, word for word, and not only me, but so many men, fathers and son's of mothers. The main thing I have noticed in these cases of false accusations is, they, and by they I mean "certain" people with standing, and false accusers, don't seem to understand or accept or are simply incapable to fathom that men have feelings, the we love our children, our families just like anyone, we can be emotionally hurt by their action. I  think, because of the way we have been presented these pasts few decades by the established feminist movement, and others, that we are nothing more than animals who need to be controlled, because we have no human emotions at all, did make its way into the system and is now accepted without a thought about the consequences....
In order to try to protect children against abuse, or simply to see them on a regular basis,  fathers come up against walls that are so high, we can not see what they are doing on the other side, which put us and the kids at a great disadvantage. Because when this happens, you have to guess, and with the welfare of your children on your mind, you can become emotionally, drained. Culminating in some fathers to simply give up and the children suffering a life of misery.
Let me tell you, some of the "accusations" out there are so ridiculous, you wonder what the hell is happening to intellect. I think it is done on purpose, because some of these belong in the twilight zone, men are so appalled by them that we will simply walk away, especially if some of us cannot afford a lawyer.

There are some in the media who are starting to notice the injustice done to fathers.
Also, false accusations as I talked about in the previous post, hurt real victims because all are put in the same bucket as tools to be used for statistics, funding, salaries, political, revenge, or to simply be mean and nasty to you, simply because your a man....and if you dare to fight back..holy shit....you better be strong. Emotionally.

Since some might not be able to afford, or no one is listening, we now have the web, and I believe it is making a difference, slow but starting too. Some who abuse the system have to worry what they have done might end up on some site. If one is honest and tells his or her story, and does not do it out of revenge but justice, (always have something to back up what you say) one can have a chance at justice...again, you have to have patience and be emotionally very stable and strong. Believe me, they are afraid of the internet.
Like I said, just be honest and do not do it out of revenge, let them be vengeful, watch and listen, you will find their mistakes. 

During his 20 years as a criminal defence lawyer, Joseph Neuberger has defended more than 400 cases involving charges arising from domestic relationships. Many, he says, relate to separation and bitter family court battles.

“Over the past 10 years, I have noticed an increase in the prevalence of these types of offences with a disturbing trend to use the criminal process as a quick means to obtain exclusive possession of the matrimonial home and thwart custody and access to the children of the relationships,” says Neuberger.

“I have successfully established fabrication in at least 15 per cent of the cases with very clear contradictions in evidence, including differences in affidavit evidence tendered in the family court proceedings. 

Yet not one case resulted in charges being laid against the complainant.”

Neuberger emphasizes the need to take legitimate cases seriously, he worries there isn’t much in place to prevent a spouse from fabricating an allegation.

It’s a trend Murray Maltz, who has been practicing family law for 27 years, has also noticed. But there are no studies, no way to quantify the problem, and, most troubling, no solutions at hand.

“So if you want to play the game, ‘I want custody, I want to control the situation,’ often people will take the position, ‘I’m going to call the police,’” says Maltz.

Immediately, the accused leaves the home and can’t communicate with the spouse and the children or come within a certain distance of the house. That makes the issues of custody and access more difficult.

As a result, according to lawyers, the spouse making the allegation has an edge in the case. With exclusive access, the children themselves become pawns in the case.

Clearly, the issue of domestic violence continues to be a serious societal concern. But complications arise from false allegations.

“The sad reality is that legitimate cases of abuse get tainted with the same incredulous brush,” says criminal defence lawyer Roots Gadhia

Lawyer Esther Daniel points out, It’s difficult to discern fact from fiction. Clearly, the issue of abuse between couples is one the courts take very seriously. But it’s also clear to many lawyers that some people use the process to further their own family law case.

“We are dealing with real lives and the interests of children,” she says. “It can have a detrimental impact on the children who are already dealing with the pain of separation and are now faced with a loving and involved parent who is suddenly not allowed to see them anymore.”

“All the stakeholders in the justice system . . . need to use their discretion,” said Daniel.
“Domestic violence is something that needs to be taken seriously. 
But at the same time, you do have to uphold the integrity of the justice system. 

The persons in the justice system should be supported when they use their discretion not to lay a charge or not to proceed with a matter and should do so free from the pressure that there may be professional consequences when doing so.”

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