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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Erin Lee Todd, Teens are a source of funding. Shelters out of control.

This is the director of the Carleton place shelter, in her video she talks about the death of a young girl at the hands of her boyfriend. I tried to find this story she referred to, I could not find it. Now if someone gets stabbed 36 times, goes to figure we would find a reference to it. I am not saying its not true but after what she did to my daughter, the troubles her staff promotes to get teen girls to leave home, put on welfare and eventually be on her statistic for next years funding, excuse me for doubting what she says. Look at her youtube site, 6 videos, all teens.
I did leave a polite comment but after I did she changed it to: Comments may be held for uploader approval. LOL..She does not believe anyone should criticize her, and that is what is nasty with people like that, once they believe they are above criticism, they think they can do anything to anyone.
My guess is her past experience has nastiness in it and no one wants this to happen to anyone, men or women. But no were does this person ever talks about young boys and young girls suffering from abuse it is always "men, boys are bad".
I asked her to help, I did it politely and diplomatically, explaining in detail, my daughter suffered from emotional problem at the hands of her "Mother". I now know through my daughter, after 2 years, that her staff did coached her to say her dad was bad. Which by all definition is illegal. The stupidity here is they did not think that for one minute, eventually I would find out the truth. I did not sit like others and whine about the action of others. As a parent, like any parent, it will be a cold day in hell, people who have no place in my family will be allowed to do whatever they want, even illegal actions.
Every time this person talks, you will notice she aims for teen, (St-Johns catholic high school in Perth seem to be her favorite target, no wonder, the vice principal there, diane strong is well known to give parents a hard time) a rebellious age, easily convinced that parents are bad and welfare is better. And if the young girls go through her shelter, then more funding the next year.
Now, if a native woman, which she is, destroys the future of a teen native girl, and put another native girl on welfare against the wishes of the parent, can we believe anything she says. Is there not enough native girls on welfare? And when we try to push our kids towards a good future, it is depressing to see our own, putting stick in our wheels.
Her mistake is, while having a good time picking on fathers, husbands, she forgot, not all are the same and some do fight back. I have contacted media, politicians, provincial and federal, and they know what she stands for, and what she does for funding. It would be better for those who do need the help for her to resign. As long as she stays in her position it will reflect on what she really stand for, money. Instead of help. Shelter's according to the director of the first shelter in england, Erin Pizzey, was for helping women and children in danger. It has now become a place for radicalism, false funding practices and as in erin lee todd limited mental capacity, a place to promote her disgust of anything man, that is fathers, husbands, sons. What she is incapable of understanding is these men have loving women at their side.
My daughter told me everything, I was right, the excuse they used was one of their favorite, falsely used before many times against husbands and fathers, that I was locking my own kid in the basement. (see similarity below).

On many occasion I have said that the primary mandate of this specific shelter is funding, not helping, and with 1.4 million a year in funding, plus local financial support, they still, in the local papers, invent that they have to refuse people. This is a lie, anyone in danger, if there is no room in the shelter they can put them up in a local motel or safe house.

Their main priority is funding, at the cost of our kids, (see below my facebook conversation with one of their workers.), not the welfare of people, or in most case, the truth.

I will not accuse all shelters of this behaviour, I, as many are fans of people like Erin Pizzey, but, it is a known fact, that shelters are used by a good number for custody purposes against father. Once someone is in these places, there is no investigation, no rule of law, just accusations. (well explained in the above pic). In the meantime the father is left alone, missing his kids, the kids are put in a situation they should not be in, they are brainwashed against their dad. (see here)

This is what I tried to save, an education in art.

A gift to the world which I did not impose but nurtured, and it was taken away from her and me, by the Carleton place shelter directed and staffed by what can only be described as corrupt individuals. While there, she was drinking alcohol underage, I asked todd to help or look into it because my child suffered from a heart problem, she actually sent her girlfriends for the local opp at my house. Isn't this "promoting underage drinking?" One of her girlfriend even had the gull to tell me the shelter was not responsible for underage drinking, as a parent tell me this is not a f@#$% nightmare. As we all know, the shelter "is" responsible, legally and morally.
Erin lee todd is well aware of this and if I ever find out she denies it, I will post the emails I sent her, and the pain she put me through afterwards. (Audio and videos, all duplicated by the way)
So how can we believe anything she or any one of her staff say, and when doubt is set in by the general public, it does not help those who do need the help. Funding an organization that destroys families is not seen well by the population.

Bad mistake erin. I and my family are no ones victim, not yours or your girlfriends. You are responsible for your staffs behavior and the shelters mandate is written by...you.

With the recent conversations with my daughter, it made me even more enraged at what they did... and someone must be held accountable.
I will say it again, I am dealing with really stupid people, for them not to have realized that a daughter will eventually tell her parent who raised her with love and affection, what really happened that day.


Anonymous said...

the details are eye opening. You make a good point, if this is going on, and they are after teens, then those who need the help wont get it.

Anonymous said...

omg, if my kid could draw like that, i would be pissed too, su=ch a God given talent n good artist would have a great future. what a bunch of--- well im to much of a lady to say. My payers for you. Fighting for your family is admirable.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the reference to the locked in the basement, my brothers wife accused him of that too, guess what, after she went to the same shelter. He never touched her but she got instant custody, and he has to go through supervised visits. So your right shelters are used for custody, seems to me they like to use the same accusations a lot. Im going to show him your post, might be helpfull to show something is wrong and help him out.

The Native Canadian said...

Tell him to contact me through my email in the profile, we can compare the situation and take legal action.If we can prove they use the same attacks without due investigations then under the charter it is illegal.My premise of "if they did it to me they did it to others" is basically true. This causes un-needed pain to our kids, and this is what it is all about for me, not about myself but the children and their right to a safe environment in the family.

Anonymous said...

Its stupid what this person did to you. Try to protect and raise your kids and asses like that think they can destroy what takes a lifetime to do. This is fucked up big time

Anonymous said...

Blood doing this to blood, thats fucking wrong in a lot of ways, got a word of the rez for people like that, apples.

Anonymous said...

Point made, I would do the same thing, whatever it takes, no one puts their stinking claws on my kids and gets away with it.What a screwed up country.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I went to the you-tube channel and flagged all the video's as spam/fraud,which is exactly what they are.

The moderation of comments also shows the typical feminist attitude.

When they have someone throwing any truth in their direction the automatic response is to delete or censor.

Exposing these biggot's is exactly what needs to be done.


The Native Canadian said...

That is exactly what they are, spam, and should be flagged as such...

Anonymous said...

Native Canadian - you are a fucking idiot! Obviously you are trying to get out of being labeled as the abuser that you are! Ah male privilege! I know Erin and there is nothing about her that you've said that is true. She did indeed have a friend that was murdered. Just because YOUR searches didn't find it doesn't mean jack shit beyond the fact that YOU couldn't find it. Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all. She helps so many people - especially kids. She in NO WAY puts ideas into their heads about abuse! She doesn't "target" teens - but she does speak to them in a real way and honours their words and feelings. oh, and you fucking idiot, she is not Native! Get your facts straight. You may have contacted politicians, the media and whoever else, but tell me, how did that go for you? Do you have any proof that "they know what she stands for"? Let's see it. Because every sane person who knows Erin, including politicians and the media, respect her, value her and like her...a lot! Even when they disagree with priorities around funding etc.
YOU have created your own problems with your stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement. Take some responsibility for your own poor parenting, your bad choices, and your abuse. Its the only way things will get better for you. Your anger towards Erin is misdirected - I'd take a look WAY closer to home - like in the bathroom mirror!
OH, and lets see how YOU like the criticism - you too may decide to review comments prior to them being posted. I'll end as I began - you are a fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the long comment above. Native Canadian - You are an idiot who is promoting HATE. I know Erin - well and she is noe of the things you describe her as.
I am Anishnawbe Kwe and Erin is NOT. Check you facts. My teachings do NOT promote this type of gossip, slander or hatred. I suggest you look in the mirror and look to your Elders and Creator and ask forgivness and guidance.

BlackWolf said...

Lol...don't make me laugh....I rest my case, when they are on the defensive everything is a hate thing...lol.