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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of world wide radical feminism? Les Antigone from France.

Who defends women?
Antigone is a women's organisation based in France, the birthplace of revolutions. 
As I was watching their video, I was pleasantly surprised of the defense of femininity and the masculinity, the joining of both gender to make this world a better place. 
The femen's and feminist message of "all men bad" is starting to produce a backlash.
It is all of our beliefs, and when I say all, I mean those of us who refuse to blame each other, that if we want a good and peaceful world, the idea that one gender is to blame has to stop, the division promoted for financial benefits has the be eradicated. .
So let's give these young ladies of France some support, join their site.
I guaranty that this group is in for some demonization from the feminists, or femen, which has already started on this site, putting them with a far right nationalist group...which I found, so far, not to be true. It's one of those, "psst, hey, look at this they are bad people"...
As the picture above says, "who do women want to defend them"....
More and more we see women and young girls revealing, youtube, facebook, and other sites, they have no love and do not support any kind of today's feminism, and with good points, their fathers, their husbands, their men and their sons are not rapists and abusers.
We know now that femen, feminism is a small minority and falling every year, though vocal, they are still a danger to stability and our families. They will never be totally eradicated but we can point out what the majority thinks and remind those we send to government who has the most votes. It is those of us who walk side by side, not in front of each other.
Feminism has run it's course, now it's our turn.....for the next generation.
I am not saying les antigone will destroy feminism, but with the explosion of anti feminist websites, by women, is the beginning and they know it.

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