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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

13yr Old Lies About Her Age On Myspace, Gets 22yr Old Jailed

Alisha Dean Doesn’t Look – Or Act – 13
Why did Alisha Dean choose to lie about her age on MySpace?
Even though this story dates back to 2008, we can see the "dangers" of been a young man seeking love, especially online. (DON'T DO IT)
If some girl tell them they are over 18, do they ask for their I.D. first?
Do they look at the girl and try to figure out if she's telling the truth?
When the hormones kicks in at that age, I am guessing "no".
But I think the really bad situation in a case such as this, is the out of control legal system, if they had proof she was misleading these guys on myspace, them why would they send them to jail, force them the register as a sex offender and pretty well destroy their lives...
Don't they have the brains to do the right thing instead of just attack anything male, "all men bad"???? no matter the situation...???
And what about the parents, somewhere down the line, they too must be held responsible...we can see in the story, one of the young men went to the father, he in turn had him charged, and never took down his daughter's myspace page...
Do we blame the young girl for learning sex is something you learn in school like math and history, without the values attached to it, the way our parents did?
What do they expect when schools turn our sexually active "kids" by the bushel...
I think morality has to be though hand in hand with sex ed, otherwise situations like this will happen more and more...
But schools nowadays do not have morality courses, so they are in no position to teach sex ed.

Not to mention the horrors we men always do, promoted by the media, women's shelters, feminists, so on. After all, we are the only gender who are sex fiends right?(sarcasm)  On that point, look at facebook and find who likes to expose themselves to whom, you can find 20 to 1 ratio for the ladies pages. Not that I am complaining any.

So in some minds, why not do this, after all, the courts will let them get away with it...

A child is a child, no matter the situation, it is hard to blame them for this, there is plenty of blame and finger pointing to go around, those who have caused this (feminists and their manginas) have to look at themselves and see why false accusations against men, or stories such as the one above is becoming so rampant.

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