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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

When Canadian social programs go shopping for clients in schools.

Iqaluit mother angry after social worker questioned son
Says child was scared to attend school following questions about parents

It's not enough they can destroy families at will, now they are going shopping to increase their clientele and their self worth in local schools.
To actually go to a school, ask children if their parents drink alcohol or smoke pot is a disturbing path they seem to have adopted. First of all, they don't have the right to question children without a parent present, and second, they are behaving as if they have overtaken the rights of parents.
Its not the first time this has happened in Canada, in my opinion the most corrupt segment of the state is it's bureaucracy, and to some degree the school system.
In the St. Catherine region of Ontario a few years ago, a school official openly bragged that they(schools) "co-parent with us".
And in America they also have problem with those who want to overtake parental rights.

Social programs can put a young girl on welfare and without parental consent. and in my investigation, this can happen to single mom's or single dads, they do not discriminate, usually the single parent been their main target,
Case in point, underage girl living with father is lured by an unscrupulous person attached to local shelter, tell said rebellious teen she can have her own place, which coincidentally she has a rooming house, they only thing she has to do is go to local women's shelter, claim abuse and she can get welfare. Welfare by law has to call parent, parent says no, but it does not matter, they just have to put the word abuse and an underage girl is thrown to the wolves and on her own.
Second case, young girl lives at her mom's, gets pregnant at 16, mom insists she continue school, but teen is lured to local welfare office, they have to call parent, parent says no, so worker suggests teen use the word abuse, so they can by-pass parent's wishes.

In all these cases, it shows one thing, they have no respect for family rights, and the more they do it, most of the time under the radar, the more there will be teen pregnancy, drug abuse, parental alienation, welfare dependency, so on so on...This in turn gets worse and worse, to a point were the social programs, which are supposed to help, not be run as a business or a way to increase political power, need more and more funds, promoting false statistics, pressure is put on these programs. The more people on the system the more money they need, and once they have taken that road, it is impossible to return to the original mandate, to help, they become so addicted to their ideals that it is like a drug, they cannot stop.
Since there is a department in governments for everything under the sun, there should be one for families, where parents can go to, and have a say, reverse decisions made by social programs and the power to expose and punish those who use kids for false statistics in order to receive more funds.(won't hold my breath on that one)

I will never agree with such policies, the family, must and should be the primary concern for any nation, this is were morality, hard work and respect for ones self is learned. So far, since they have stuck their ugly noses into our personal affairs, we have a lost generation, and this generation are the folks we will depend on in 20 years to run the people's business. Raised by the state, is never a good idea.

Friday, June 28, 2013

What Would You Do? Single Mother Of 4 Children Can't Afford food.

I always said, if we are left alone, without intrusions into our lives, men and women will get along just fine, because even though we are of different gender, we have the same heart.
Anyone who thrive on division between men and women, are the ones who restricts peaceful existence..
This is a tv show called what would you do, but the people offering help are real, and this is a feel good story because it shows what we can do together and who we really are.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This is particularly disturbing, an ex wife's greed.

Innocent man jailed 24 years, and his ex-wife wants cut of his payout
This one isn't going to do much for the reputation of ex-wives. Many folks might argue that Steven Phillips deserves any break he can get: Convicted of a number of sex crimes in the '80s, Phillips was exonerated by the courts after spending 24 years in prison when DNA implicated another man. He was provided with a "compensation package" totaling around $6 million for those two and a half decades — and the woman who divorced him while he was in jail, Traci Tucker, wants a cut. Last year a judge awarded her $150,000, and now Phillips is appealing that decision: "To make a claim on those years I spent in prison is really freaking outrageous," he says.

I'll let you guys sort this one out, I found it to be disgusting and perverse.
The judge awarded 150.000, the lawyer who took the case for the ex wife, how much did he or she make, what the hell is wrong with these people. The ex didn't live with him during that period, he was in jail for something he did not do, and she did not stand by him, she divorced him...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Having fun with feminist quotes.

I am not sure I understand this one,  she is saying feminism is a theory.
So I decided to look up "theory", it means something that cannot be proven it exists or it doesn't exist.
Theory involves trying to understand the possible existence of something, while practice is trying to make things happen...
OK, let me see if I get this right, so the theory of feminism can or cannot be proven it exists, and tries to make people understand it's possible existence, (now I understand why they are always confused and angry), while lesbianism is the practice to make it happen????
Yikes! No wonder they are loosing support, not everyone is a lesbian.
OK so I had fun with that one, but I think I got it....

Here is a few more quotes from the illustrious mzzzzz ti-grace atkinson
Love is the victim's response to the rapist
“The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist.” (Ti-Grace Atkinson, Amazon Odyssey, Links Books, 1974, p. 86)
Atkinson referred to married women as “hostages.” (Alice Echols, Daring to Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America 1967-1975, University of Minnesota Press, 1989, p. 178)
“Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” (Chicago Women's Liberation Union pamphlet, Lesbianism and Feminism, 1971; Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott, Feminism and Sexuality: A Reader, Columbia University Press, 1996, p. 282)
“The price of clinging to the enemy [a man] is your life. To enter into a relationship with a man who has divested himself as completely and publicly from the male role as much as possible would still be a risk. But to relate to a man who has done any less is suicide. . . . I, personally, have taken the position that I will not appear with any man publicly, where it could possibly be interpreted that we were friends.” (Ti-Grace Atkinson, Amazon Odyssey, Links Books, 1974, pp. 90, 91)
"I propose that the phenomenon of love is the psychological pivot in the persecution of women." -- Ti-Grace Atkinson in 'Radical Feminism and Love'

Next one,
Jodie Foster.(fan of some of her movies)
“Ninety-five percent of women's experiences are about being a victim. Or about being an underdog, or having to survive... women didn't go to Vietnam and blow things up. They are not Rambo.” (New York Times Magazine, January 6, 1991, p. 19)

Now, Jodie says 95% of women experiences in life is about being a victim, in that 95% you have to take out those who are happily married, those who have a happy family life, those who are happy at work, those who are of strong character, so on...point is this false statement that all women are victims, underdogs,or are in survival mode all their lives is ridiculous, there are women in this world who have never felt like a victim, and been looked at, or admired because your beautiful is not been a victim.
True, women did not go to war and blow things up, well that no longer applies since there are now women in the infantry.
Women are not Rambo? that is a movie, its not real, I mean really, and if you do want to go there, what the hell do you call this?

So, men are Rambo, women are Lara.? Movie violence is performed by both gender, nowadays.

French, Marilyn (radical feminist, writer, adviser to Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential campaign)
"All men are rapists and that's all they are"
We dodge a bullet there...Thank you George....

This one is particularly scary.
Sally Miller Gearhart  Teacher, feminist, science fiction writer, political activist.
"The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race."
MMM! What would they do with the rest of the 90%?

Hasn't this been tried before?
Where would the 90% be housed?

Who would guard them?

Female guards in Nazi concentration camps
Given the chance, as we can see, some women can be just as nasty as some men, no much for the victim concept.

There is more, but for everything they say, everything they accuses us of, I can return the favor, it's just a matter of looking.

Fortunately, the majority of men and women go on with life, loving and admiring each other, while the radical feminist is always unhappy and trying to lure us all in that direction.
Here is a few more; interestingly enough I got those from....
ifeminist.com  Promoting False Allegations of Rape
Could it be that there is a new brand of feminism out there? One that promotes gender equality? I haven't been deep into their site yet, but it is worth a look. (won't hold my breath)

Catherine Comins of Vassar College, made this remark in Time magazine:
"Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience."
WOW!!! Keep this one as far away as you can, for safety's sake.

OK, must be gender equal..how about;
David Angier (Male Feminist) assistant district attorney
"If any woman is prosecuted for filing a false report, then victims of real attacks will be less likely to report them."
EXCUSE ME??????Dumbass mangina.
If those who do make false accusations are prosecuted, then the victims of real attacks will be believed, instead of being doubted and will be more likely to report them.

See not all feminists quotes come from andrea dworkin...

When false rape claims are made for pittance.

Destroying a man's life over $13

False rape claim to get lift home from strip show

Most women would not do this, as most men do not rape women, but if the ladies do not speak up against this, if feminists try to hide it, it's going to get worse and it will become harder to believe those who are really victimized by crime.
Personally, I don't know what else to say about this, other than, "it is becoming very dangerous to be a man".
Always carry a video camera?.
As for the "rape culture" it is certainly not coming for us...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lanark county report.. No one is safe anymore from false rape accusations.

A SOLDIER arrested for a rape that never happened told how the allegation has ruined his life - as his accuser was jailed for eight months.

At least she went to jail, though the crying thing was a little to late. No pity for this person here.

How can anyone believe instantly someone who claims rape? The police now have to keep in mind that it could be a false claim and investigate under that assumption, putting a lot of pressure on them and eventually they are accused of not caring by radical feminists.
These false claim are victimizing not only the male who is accused, but the real victims themselves.
Reality is, the dv industry accepting anyone who makes such a claim at face value increases their worth and statistics, then they can demand more money on the claim that dv is on the increase.

Even here, the O.P.P. reported only about 60 domestic assault calls in one quarter, so put the 4 quarters in the year and it is about 240 calls, in that years.

erin lee todd
Yet,  one of the local woman's shelter, of Lanark county was claiming 2259 abuse calls in a year.

How many of those were...false. How much money and time was spent on false claims at the expense of the real ones.
But that is the way things work in the domestic violence industry, false or not, it is put into their statistics, and then the next year they claim an increase and this way they get more money, just like any business.

What a sad state of affairs, when money takes precedence over the victim. Starting a selection process would save money and those who need the help would be better treated with adequate programs, instead of been throw into the pile.

And in these cases, 99.99999% of the times, the falsely accused is a man. How many men were dragged away, how many were refused access to their kids, or had to visit them under supervision. How many had their heart broken because of such behavior, but hey who cares right, after all, we are only men.

7 Traits of a Male Feminist and his self destructive ideal.

7 Traits of a Male Feminist
I found it to be an interesting read, funny, it passes the time. Plus it does have a foundation of truth of the male feminist or better  known as the mangina.
The thing I really found hard to listen to is the video of the mangina on the link...30 seconds and it was off...

You know what the funny part in all this is?
In order to have their legal rights to speak freely, walk safely, bitch about everything, they need...

Lots of big bad criminals out there, so a big bad male cop is needed.

Oh but wait, in order to keep a nation free, and have the freedom to bash the male population, they need....

Lots of big bad armies out there......so a big bad soldier is needed.
But without the big bad male soldier an all male feminist (a.k.a. the mangina) army would not have stopped these guys...

And certainly would not be able to stop these guys...

No offence to the north Koreans, just trying to make a point...

I just find it amazing, when I hear such thing as "men hold power through rape and sexual harassment", or"“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” that these feminists and their mangina don't realize they totally depend on the men they bash everyday to protect their right to free speech and their freedom from totalitarian rule....
They will never impose their idealism on us, they will push to far, we will eventually put a stop to it, after all, don't bite the hand that feeds ya, but the damn irony of it all...Man, that's borderline stupidity.

Sweden's new national defense policy, put the feminist in charge...

If we think about it, it would be a great idea who's time has come.
Civilian life under feminism has worked so well, that other European countries are laughing out loud, in glee.
With bus drivers wearing skirts to feel cooler because they were not allowed to wear shorts,

getting rid of those bad gender words like him or her and replacing them with "hen".

Now, eliminating that oh so bad example of male domination...pissing standing up?
Yes folks, with these new civilian feminist policies in place in Sweden, which work so well in showing the world what real gender equality is, this could be applied to the military.

Imagine an invading army, let's call it country x, comes a calling, on the battlefield, we have all manners of destructive weapons ready to kill and maim. Lord almighty what do we do?
Out of the woods comes the Swedish military, soldiers wearing skirts, (not kilts), referring to each other as hens, soldiers squatting down to piss.
Swedish tanks painted pink, field artillery painted yellow and in the skies above, combat jets in flowery purple.
Now, in such a situation, 3 things could happen,
1- because of so much pink, everybody is calm and dancing in circles singing kumbaya.
2- the opposing army die laughing.
3- and the most probable, the armies of countries x, pack up and leave, saying.."who the fu&*%^ would want that country".
So you see, putting feminists in charge of national defense would be.....beneficial.

Now if you think this was..ridiculous, I agree, but think about men wearing skirts, replacing him and her with hen, and making men sit down to piss...and decide who is more ridiculous.

There has to be balance between the needs of women and the needs of men, if feminists are in charge, they put really stupid ideas out there, most of them, have an inferiority complex, or have gone through a bad experience with an "individual" and brought their experience along for the ride, and it has developed into hatred for most of them.
Swedish feminism or femen, whatever they call themselves has become the butt of jokes in the rest of Europe, true some of them have dabble in feminism, but not to the extent Sweden has.
At least they have somewhere to look and see what will happen if they let their feminists go too far.

We all have girls and boys in our families, we have fought in the past to take them out of mines and industries,an education to give them a decent wage when they grow up and died in wars to give them freedom of speech and expression, free to be who they want to be, free to learn what they want to learn. We did not choose one over the other, we did it for the greater good.
Embracing any kind of one sided radicalism is always dangerous, it weakens a nation, promote divisions which some elitists will take advantage of and usually ends up reversing the advancement we all made together.
Feminism, as we can see above, has become a joke, somewhere down the line, something happened, and the lame in their ranks took over.
Personally, I find expressions such as these...pretty fu#$% disturbing....
Is there any men's rights advocate who ever made quotes about the female gender like this? I am not talking about personal comment on facebook or youtube but well known mra"s the way well known feminists do?

As I said before, to me, feminism has become a comedy act best suited for the comedy bar, the more I read, the more I find it a ridiculous notion of some people with a very bad inferiority complex.

But some of us have made terrible mistakes in the past, promoting and following one specific ideal without the right to criticize it...
And it never turned out too good.........Did it?

Actually it is nice to see a lot of the ladies out there, who have son's themselves taking a stand against such a destructive ideal. Maybe there is still hope for the next generation to experience true equality.

If you fight for what is right, remember who you are doing it for....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Men on Strike...A new way on how to deal with the fear of radical feminism.

Going on strike and not fighting back against those who label men as animals only empowers them to continue. The title is meant to cause debate, have we become afraid of radical feminists?

I  know that a lot of men do not subscribe to the idea that they fear feminism, but the reality is, a lot of them do, especially those who are in a higher position in life. I.E. politicians, businessmen men so on.
If they dare to say or do anything the feminist doesn't like, well they are in for one hell of a beating, usually "the blame game" like "he doesn't care about women and children, he's a rape apologist", or "men hold power through rape" or my favorite, the so call "big bad patriarchy". (real meaning of patriarchy)
 Where I live, Lanark county Ontario, I followed a story a while back, the local shelter asked for funding to the local council for the shelter in Carlton place Ontario. I guess the million they get from government, local businesses, personals donations, yearly fairs of all kind and fund raising activity is not enough.
The local county council, been in a financial difficulty like so many municipalities around the country, explained that they were not in a financial situation to help for the moment.
Well....it did not take long for the director of said shelter to throw out to her local media, the emc and courrier, that the local council did not care about women and children. In my opinion she knew damn well what she was doing.

To actually say, local politicians do not care about women and children is a powerful fear tactic. If one is tagged as such, even in a small way, in our day and age, that person can kiss their political career goodbye. Which in my opinion shows the realities of the politics of fear. It is not true any politician would dare to show they do not care about women and children, so if they say, "we can't give you money for the moment because of the financial situation", then you better believe they are telling the truth.
 If we look at the dates between the the decision not to allocate funds, and the reversal, it is just about over a month.

Of course this is a small example but you get the point, "if we don't get what we want, beware"....

The politics of fear is everywhere in Ontario, we can clearly see what anyone would describe as a hate message against men on this site, which I have posted before and will continue until they (feminists) take it down. And you can be assured that women's shelters are part of this site.
Now imagine if things like that was said about other groups.
Sooo… why is it allowed to continue against men??? And I went to this site this morning, it is still there… It beckons to ask oneself, where are  the politicians "we" elect, I mean, aren't they men? What about female politicians, don’t they have sons and husbands, do they believe this crap, and is this the way they treat men, with the belief all men hold power through rape in Ontario?????
That is the politics of fear from feminists, as for “the nice feminists”, sorry but if you don’t say anything against this, you are part of it.

The only avenue left to us, to expose those who use the system for corrupt and hateful ideas is the internet. Since those we vote for will not speak, out of fear, then we will. And when no one seems to speak out against statements such as these, what are we supposed to think.
It is extremely dangerous for a man to be in a relationship these days, admittedly, most women will not do this or believe it, but as men, how are we supposed to know who is who anymore.
The statement above is only from one disgruntle feminist, but if one searches, these "message" are prevalent in feminist ideology, they are the ones who started the radical feminism we have today, so if they are not denounce, then they agree...
Even if, some feminist had a bad experience with an individual once, does that make them "experts" on the affairs or the behavior of men? of course not, it only means they bring their negative experience with them and hate, to places such as shelters, and how does that help real victims when they are told all men are rapists.
Men, and I am talking about the real definition of men, do not rape women, and the same goes for the women, it is the act of an individual. OK, we can be horn-dogs at times, but so can the ladies, it is nature. It has come to the point, feminists have expanded their definition of rape to the stare, We can't even admire a good looking woman anymore, at the risk of been called a rapist.
 So, what do we do, do we fear them enough to go on strike? Do we allow them to continue their hate messages? Do we sit back and cower?
Some have just given up and went on their own way, can you blame them, but to be realistic, only 20% of the female population consider themselves feminists, which means, the rest of them still do not like men to act like wussies...and want men to be men...
And as a father of 2 beautiful girls, I always said and continue to say, there is a big difference between women and radical feminists, we should all walk side by side to make things better, if one tries to walk in front, then we make no advancement whatsoever, because the one behind is "afraid" to speak.
And that is the politics of fear....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The danger of inviting outside force into your family home.

This generation has suffered at the hands of those who see families as a tool to promote their agendas and views on how we should behave. (feminism been the worse of all)
This concept of gender division is foreign to us and has no place in the structure of native families or any families for that matter.
Men and women have gotten along for the benefit of children since the beginning of time and will do so long after this divisive hateful group passes into the history books as one of the worse idea of all the bad ideas humanity has ever come up with.
One of the worse situation a family can experience is lack of  faith in each other, not getting involve in their community, or letting some outside forces dictate how the family circle should be rearranged according to their beliefs.
If a nation is to be strong for children and the generations to come, we must all band together, men and women, recognize our individual importance to the circle of life, have faith in our existence that we are all here for a reason, and no one is above another.
All the nations use to believe this a long time ago, and the people were happy, until outside interference infected the system. Now these same destructive forces are destroying families at an alarming rate, and this is what destroys a nation from the inside out.
The long term results are never positive.
Those of us who live a traditional life, respecting life and each other are more stable than those who depend on a system for advice.
Even though some mean well in the first government, (elected people), the corruption inside the second government of the democratic west, namely the bureaucracy, has cause so much problems with their ideals of the perfect society that they have now become the stick in the wheel of human evolution.
Technological advancement is nothing if humanity does not follow, and we cannot evolve if we fight amongst each other.
Every individual has a place in shaping history. All are important in making a difference in someones life.

May the Great Spirit watch over you and your loved ones.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

School Girls Strip An 11 Year Old Boy Then Post It On Youtube

This lady makes a good point doesn't she, "what if it was the other way around".

No organisation can survive on a one sided issue, Feminism alienates men and in this case, boys, that's half the population, and let's not forget the mom's like the one that made this video who are turning against feminists because of the gender bias they openly promote. Their behavior now points to hatred of men, and what they seem to forget, men, boys, have mothers. That is why their number are diminishing every year.

Friday, June 21, 2013

An interesting statistic from India, guess who is the majority of pickpockets.

Dilli waali pickpockets all glammed up on metro

In the last six months, the CISF, which is responsible for the security of the Delhi Metro, has caught 193 pickpockets. Interestingly, 91% (175) of them are females. According to a senior Metro officer, some of these pickpockets have a very corporate-sector look and they don't look anything like a pickpocket.

What does it show, well, some women can be just as nasty as men, and kind of destroys the feminist notion that only men are bad doesn't it...
In the case above if I was a male chauvinist pig, the male answer to feminism, I would say most women are pick pockets in India, but since I am not one of those, I will say...Not all women are the same, most are decent law abiding, family loving people. I only ask the same privilege I give.
Not all men are the same, most are decent law abiding, family loving people.

So when you see something like this...speak up.
These are your sons they are talking about.
Remember, men do not commit violence against their women, and vise versa.
Individuals do....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

False accusations used against men for revenge, custody of the kids, etc. on the increase.

If I was to tell my story to anyone, the press, my representatives, men's help group, so on, the story I put up at the bottom would be the one, word for word, and not only me, but so many men, fathers and son's of mothers. The main thing I have noticed in these cases of false accusations is, they, and by they I mean "certain" people with standing, and false accusers, don't seem to understand or accept or are simply incapable to fathom that men have feelings, the we love our children, our families just like anyone, we can be emotionally hurt by their action. I  think, because of the way we have been presented these pasts few decades by the established feminist movement, and others, that we are nothing more than animals who need to be controlled, because we have no human emotions at all, did make its way into the system and is now accepted without a thought about the consequences....
In order to try to protect children against abuse, or simply to see them on a regular basis,  fathers come up against walls that are so high, we can not see what they are doing on the other side, which put us and the kids at a great disadvantage. Because when this happens, you have to guess, and with the welfare of your children on your mind, you can become emotionally, drained. Culminating in some fathers to simply give up and the children suffering a life of misery.
Let me tell you, some of the "accusations" out there are so ridiculous, you wonder what the hell is happening to intellect. I think it is done on purpose, because some of these belong in the twilight zone, men are so appalled by them that we will simply walk away, especially if some of us cannot afford a lawyer.

There are some in the media who are starting to notice the injustice done to fathers.
Also, false accusations as I talked about in the previous post, hurt real victims because all are put in the same bucket as tools to be used for statistics, funding, salaries, political, revenge, or to simply be mean and nasty to you, simply because your a man....and if you dare to fight back..holy shit....you better be strong. Emotionally.

Since some might not be able to afford, or no one is listening, we now have the web, and I believe it is making a difference, slow but starting too. Some who abuse the system have to worry what they have done might end up on some site. If one is honest and tells his or her story, and does not do it out of revenge but justice, (always have something to back up what you say) one can have a chance at justice...again, you have to have patience and be emotionally very stable and strong. Believe me, they are afraid of the internet.
Like I said, just be honest and do not do it out of revenge, let them be vengeful, watch and listen, you will find their mistakes. 

During his 20 years as a criminal defence lawyer, Joseph Neuberger has defended more than 400 cases involving charges arising from domestic relationships. Many, he says, relate to separation and bitter family court battles.

“Over the past 10 years, I have noticed an increase in the prevalence of these types of offences with a disturbing trend to use the criminal process as a quick means to obtain exclusive possession of the matrimonial home and thwart custody and access to the children of the relationships,” says Neuberger.

“I have successfully established fabrication in at least 15 per cent of the cases with very clear contradictions in evidence, including differences in affidavit evidence tendered in the family court proceedings. 

Yet not one case resulted in charges being laid against the complainant.”

Neuberger emphasizes the need to take legitimate cases seriously, he worries there isn’t much in place to prevent a spouse from fabricating an allegation.

It’s a trend Murray Maltz, who has been practicing family law for 27 years, has also noticed. But there are no studies, no way to quantify the problem, and, most troubling, no solutions at hand.

“So if you want to play the game, ‘I want custody, I want to control the situation,’ often people will take the position, ‘I’m going to call the police,’” says Maltz.

Immediately, the accused leaves the home and can’t communicate with the spouse and the children or come within a certain distance of the house. That makes the issues of custody and access more difficult.

As a result, according to lawyers, the spouse making the allegation has an edge in the case. With exclusive access, the children themselves become pawns in the case.

Clearly, the issue of domestic violence continues to be a serious societal concern. But complications arise from false allegations.

“The sad reality is that legitimate cases of abuse get tainted with the same incredulous brush,” says criminal defence lawyer Roots Gadhia

Lawyer Esther Daniel points out, It’s difficult to discern fact from fiction. Clearly, the issue of abuse between couples is one the courts take very seriously. But it’s also clear to many lawyers that some people use the process to further their own family law case.

“We are dealing with real lives and the interests of children,” she says. “It can have a detrimental impact on the children who are already dealing with the pain of separation and are now faced with a loving and involved parent who is suddenly not allowed to see them anymore.”

“All the stakeholders in the justice system . . . need to use their discretion,” said Daniel.
“Domestic violence is something that needs to be taken seriously. 
But at the same time, you do have to uphold the integrity of the justice system. 

The persons in the justice system should be supported when they use their discretion not to lay a charge or not to proceed with a matter and should do so free from the pressure that there may be professional consequences when doing so.”

Friday, June 14, 2013

One more patriarchy tid bit.

This is Patriarchy
And this is Matriarchy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

First wave feminism...Was racism and bigotry redirected?

It is not fair that they should vote, nor is it fair that a plantation Negro, who can neither read nor write, whose ideas are bounded by the fence of his own field and the price of his own mule, should be entrusted with the ballot … The Anglo-Saxon race will never submit to be dominated by the Negro …”Better whiskey and more of it” has been the rallying cry of great, dark-faced mobs … I pity the southerners … The problem on their hands is immeasurable. The colored race multiplies like the locusts of Egypt. The grog shop is their center of power. The safety of [white] women, of childhood, of the home, is menaced in a thousand localities.
- Women’s suffrage advocate (opponent of Black suffrage) and prohibitionist radical Frances Elizabeth Caroline Willard, during an interview by the New York Voice, 1890

This is the reality of First-Wave feminism. See beyond the myth.
Actual quote found here.

Did first wave feminism's beliefs on negro rights of the time, simply changed, and were redirected by the second wave towards men, giving us the third wave and it's beliefs about men, fathers, husbands, so on?
In my experience, reading what is said above and what they did to my family, ignoring my existence, and rights, I would have to say...yes.
Their opinions, that the African american of that time, was not fit to be mainstream in society, if i am reading this right, pretty well reflects what today's feminism think about, or preach about men...not word for word, but definitely a link between the two.
We can safely say, today's feminism, believe outright, that men's rights should be..."controlled" and how many times have I put up quotes from top line feminists beliefs about this issue.
As for multiplying, the radical feminist does speak of controlling male population...One notable quote suggest reducing the male population to ten percent if I remember right...
And safety...well that is easy, are we not, according to feminism, the cause of all woes in the world, jeopardizing the safety of women and children, all men are abusers, all men are controlling, all men hold power through rape and sexual harassment....so on....so on....
What we are is the defenders of human rights and even put up with these dumbarse's perverted rights to yap against the very men who fought and died, fighting, totalitarian regimes, corrupt governments, kings and queens, (which is another cute word for dictators).
I don't know, me been a stupid man, born to abuse,  with my controlling nature, (sarcasm), but there is a parallel there....Isn't there?
And to those who read my posts around my area, fell free to comment...please. I mean, comments like "your an idiot and you promote hatred" has to be backed up with a meaningful debates does it not? Other than your an idiot, an abuser, and all the usual when feminists do not like it when an opinion does not go their way...
(For argumentative purposes I am not talking about all women, but feminism, which I believe there is a difference)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why are my daughters not feminists?

First and always, because they respect their father.
Also, daddy raised them to be strong, independent and self assured, and to never...never... believe they are "victims" to anyone or victims for the rest of their lives....

If they would be feminists, they would walk in fear that someone will abuse them, that all men are rapists, they would live their lives in fear with the thought that they will be victimized all of their lives. Their life's path would be a long term defensive road instead of been the best they can be. They would be angry and fearful of everything around them, they would see the bad in people instead of the good....

They are strong women because daddy thought them to be respectful of themselves and others, not to judge all by the action of a few, that men are an integral part of the web and if we all stand together, life is a whole lot better than if we stand divided.
My girls are stronger than any feminist. Unlike them, they are....confident..secure...

That is why my daughters are not and never will call themselves...feminists. Out of respect for Dad.

Long live Daddy's girls...B day card.

Here is to the feminists of lanark county Ontario....
Daddy's girls.

False accusations victimizes everyone, (mostly men) but also the victims.

False rape accusers primarily victimize men, but they also abuse the real victims.

This is no time for sisterhood: Women need to get angry with rape liars like Linsey Attridge,  she's abusing them as well as the system
'Too many people assume that there is a party line when it comes to gender issues – that women must support each other, no matter what. But such misplaced loyalty is insane'

It is insane, it is disgusting and it is used for greed, power, money, a tool by those in the D.V. industry with an inferior complex to demonize and to make themselves feel more important than they really are, at the expense of real victims and any innocent person who just happens to fall in their site, and we all know that those are men.

It has become a world wide infection, especially in the western world. I do not deny there are real victims, but they are put in the same bucket as those who make false accusations. Both, the false accuser and the real victims are used in feminists statistics, especially women's shelters, they do not differentiate when it comes to asking for more funds from governments. Which basically means they do not respect what the real victim went true, just that she is a statistic. Why should they, no one holds them accountable. But don't take it from me.
As you can see, it is about the money not the victim, which means every time shelters puts out statistics on domestic violence, it is "exaggerated". So what is the real numbers, 30-40% of those are false accusers, and even if it is let's say 20%, and in my experience, I doubt it, the waste of fund which would go to the real victims, that is men, women and especially children is thrown away for political and financial gains? If there was a selection process, throwing out those who make false accusations, wouldn't that  be better for the victim who needs the help, how much money is spent on those who use the system, or man hours which would be best redirected towards the real mandate, to help...How does going after good men, or demonizing them to such a point were some are afraid to fight back help anyone, if that is not a political ideal with a goal in mind I don't know what is. Giving stiff sentences to those who make false accusation, and anyone else who is involve in promoting such things for financial benefits would greatly reduce the damages it really does, and the usual unnamed victims of all this is always children. Dad is bad, dad is the devil, if you go visit dad he will eat your soul, his girlfriend is also evil, so on....I have talked to other fathers, some with custody, it was a fathers group, and if there was animosity between them and the mother, the usual discussion was, I don't like her but she is still the mother. I can't speak for other fathers, but personally I never got that respect, I gave it, your mother is your mother no matter what, but it was never returned, and in the long run, it divided the family, whereas different path had to be taken. And that is what is so sad...

The problem is, and I have said this before, the more they go after men, the more they lose support, everything they spew about us, is heard by our mothers, wives and daughters. I have shown women some real quotes behind the "nice" ones, where radical feminism really began, and if the "nice" feminist say they are not part of the movement, then they are in denial, and once these ladies saw the real quotes behind the nice ones, the ones that are from the feminist leaders, all of them were disgusted.
It is information that destroys bigotry, the lack of it empowers it.

False accusations is quickly becoming a problem for those who created it, use it and promote it.

Here is a couple of quotes, reverse the gender and you would have screeches in the night for years.
“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin
“The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men.” — Sharon Stone
Just imagine for one minute if these quotes were about women....all hell would break lose.
So were is the balance in such quotes?

But if that's not enough, men are not the only target, children and their mothers also are....
All men achieve power through rape and sexual harasement.
Under patriarchy, every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." -- Andrea Dworkin
I say they attack women in this quote because most sons are raised by their mother, so they are saying mothers raise their sons to be rapists?????
It just does not make sense to be a feminist, women are to men, what ying is to yang, same race, but different with different qualities, that is what gives a families and the kids a better learning experience and a better chance at life. The power to live with each other does not reside in division, but in understanding our differences.

Anyway, here is more reading stuff...
Victim Advocates Speak Out on False Allegations
August 10, 2012

False allegations have become a major barrier to victims of sexual assault getting the help they need. As trivial claims clog the system and consume scarce resources:

A growing number of victim advocates are speaking out on the problem of false allegations:

•Rape is No Joke: “Enormous damages are done by making a false allegation of rape”
•DA Hallie Dixon: “False reporting…can be detrimental to the prosecution of legitimate crimes.”
•Judge Kevin Kilrane: False accusers do “tremendous damage to genuine victims of rape who are going to be undermined.”
•Judge Stephen Hopkins: “Every false allegation of rape increases the plight of those women who are genuinely victims of rape.”
•Justice Enriques: “False complaints of rape necessarily impact on the minds of jurors trying rape cases.”
•Community of the Wrongly Accused: “It is our experience that rape victims have no tolerance for rape liars.”
•Columnist Andrea Peyser: “This could present a huge problem for future rape victims.”
•Columnist Myron Pitts: “Real victims of assault are never helped by phony claims. It is already difficult enough for women to report to police such a traumatic experience.”
•News and Star: “False Rape Belittles Victims”