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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Woman hires hitman to beat her up, so she can claim rape on campus.

Six months minus two for good time credit, would of amounted to 120 days for what could have been 20 years for a man falsely convicted of raping her!

SANTA CRUZ, CA -- The student who claimed to have been raped on the UC Santa Cruz campus reportedly had a man beat her and then have sex with her shortly before calling police and saying she was raped, the Santa Cruz District Attorney's office alleged Friday.

Morgan Triplett, 20, pleaded not guilty to all charges during a court appearance Friday.

Triplett was on the UCSC campus Feb. 16 and 17  for a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender conference, said Assistant District Attorney Johanna Schonfield, in an interview outside the courtroom Friday morning. She is a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Triplett took out two ads on Craigslist, one asking for someone to shoot her in the shoulder and the other asking to be beaten in return for sex. "No charges would be filed," the ads said, according to Schonfield.

UCSC police found the ads during an intensive investigation that started President's Day weekend, when the rape report terrified the campus. Schonfield has asked for reimbursement of the police costs as part of the sentence, if Triplett is convicted.

"She was suicidal and she wanted something to bring her back to reality," Schonfield said was the reason Triplett posted the ad asking to be shot.

"The second ad, which ultimately was the one responded to, was seeking someone with a strong hand to inflict punches, bruises and kicks and compensation was to be provided with sex."

A man answered the ad, beat Triplett, and had sex with her on campus Feb. 17, Schonfield said. The man, who she wouldn't name, is cooperating with investigators. He isn't from Santa Cruz, she said.

"Several people responded to the ad," said Schonfield.

Triplett then called 911 and said she was attacked, beaten and raped on a campus trail and gave police a description of the alleged attacker for a sketch. Ten days later, police said the rape claim was fake.

Triplett appeared in Santa Cruz County Court with her father, who asked that the court not allow photographs of her. "There's been enough damage already," he said.

Judge John Gallagher, however, allowed pictures after Schonfield argued that the public had a right to know about this case in light of the terror it caused on the UCSC campus.

Triplett's father, Richard Triplett, spoke with a Register-Pajaronian newspaper reporter outside of the courthouse. He disputed how the case was characterized. Read about it here.

If convicted of the misdemeanor of filing a false police report, Triplett could get six months in county jail and pay restitution to police for the dozens of hours spent investigating the crime.

Six months minus two for good time, would of amounted to 120 days for what could have been 20 years for a man falsely convicted of raping her!
Is anyone surprised that this type of behavior is coming out of a university, where women study, man hatred, anti family rhetoric, radical feminism, is though openly.
Still think your safe from these feminazis....what about you ladies, you want this to happen to your sons?

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