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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why canadians should never take what the mainstream media preaches.

EWTN to provide first ever live coverage of 2013 Canadian March for Life
According to "all" media in canada, those who are against the "murder" of the unborn is not worth reporting. This is a perfect example why I always say, the media has now become a propaganda tool, not a place for information. All of them try to "manipulate" public opinion by saying what they want us to hear, not what is true.
Pro-life demonstrations are usually the biggest in the country, yet we never see it on tv. That is because television has become a place for ideology, not information, and when this happens we lost our freedoms, for the first place freedom falls is when the media forget what they are here for.
In lanark county, where I live, we have the emc-courrier, pro feminist, all men bad, never one report praising the hard work men do, but how "we achieve power through rape and sexual harassment", according to the local women' shelter in carleton place, until of course when they need money to pad their salaries. 

When I started exposing this "hate speech", I asked the local men and women in power, maires, counselors, mp, mpp, is this what you  think we are when you pander to these people, is this who you are? Do you actually believe all men are bad, did you asked them to take this disgusting statement off their site?
If the media would expose the truth, that is the men and "women" of the emc, this would be taken off that site immediately, but I guess the emc-courrier is just full of people who believe this statement.
We all believe in equality, this useless message the feminists pass on is so passer it is getting a problem when they try to be taken seriously. We all have daughters, wives, mothers, and we certainly do not want them to be slaves to anyone, neither would we "allow" it.
So why is the media pandering to a message that does not reflect the population's belief, the answer has become simple,,,,control.

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