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Thursday, May 16, 2013

We should be careful about who we support in the Syrian civil war...clerics allows rape... cannibalism...

Assad, as we are told by the mainstream media, is a despot who does not allow free elections.
But, under Assad and the bath party, women are allowed to drive cars, walk the streets without a male escort and without been covered from head to toe, go to school and universities, work, so on, so on...It's called secularism.
Now let's see what our allies, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, allows, or should I say does not allow...
A woman is not allowed to drive a car, seen in public without a male escort, or must have permission to walk outside, not allowed to vote or hold office, discourage from using public transport, honor killings are common, so on, so on...

Now, the western world in co-operation with the local Arab kingdoms like Saudi Arabia is supporting the rebel army, who is now composed of terrorist groups, like the al-Nusra Front, which will "impose" sharia law in Syria if they win the war...but first they will fight amongst themselves after the Assad regime falls and they will have another civil war, their ranks are now majority Islamic fundamentalists, like al qaeda  most of them from outside Syria itself.
What is their latest "fatwa" on women  and even children...
Fatwa Permits Rape of Women in Syria
 So go ahead, drink the cool aid, let's see what the long term results will be.
I haven't seen any condemnation of such policies or a separation from these groups so far.
I am not taking sides, but seems to me, one side, the one we are supposed to support is actually worse than the other, and if they try to convince you that it will work out in the end, I suggest you look at what really happened to Libya.

Al-Nusra Front in Syria pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda..
I know that this is taken from a site that calls itself "friends of Syria" and supports Assad, but if it is true, not only does it pose a threat to Israel, but to the western world.

And now we have the Iraq style accusations of chemical weapons against Syria, I wonder if we are stupid enough to fall for it...

It's not enough to believe the propaganda tv stations like cnn anymore, if we follow, like sheeps, someday we might find that those we did follow put us in a situation we did not want. Eventually, as any "empire", we will go to far, it has happened before and will happen again, if we let it.

If it is not enough you could look at this page, it graphically shows rebels beheading a Syrian.
Blind alliance with the rebels in syria is a very stupid thing to do, they don't want our type of democracy, they want a united islamic world, and if they succeed, we are in for one hell of a problem.

And if that  is not enough, cannibalism, eating the earth of a soldier openly and on camera .. fuc#$%in barbarians...

Russian documentary on the Syrian civil war...

I am not taking sides, but I am not going to be fooled the way we were with Iraq, if we keep on
accepting their propaganda the way we did with Iraq, someday we might go too far and cause a greater war....
then what...our kids?
We must always make sure we know the real story, from both sides, and never blindly follow the way we use to do in the past, this kind of attitude gave us 2 world wars and many others.... the next world war will make the previous 2 look like a walk in the garden.

Hitler went too far thinking his armies were...invincible, are we behaving the same way??? Only time will tell.
Seems to me the human race is not evolving but devolving.

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