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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The world wide epidemic of false rape accusations. A feminist legacy.

NEW DELHI: For the third time in less than a week, the Delhi high court has decried that rape laws are often misused by women.

Flagging the issue in a judgment on Saturday, Justice Kailash Gambhir said rape cases are being used as "a weapon for vengeance and vendetta" to harass and even force a boy to marry.

While granting anticipatory bail to a man facing rape charges from a woman claiming to be his wife, HC added that in many cases woman first has consensual sex but later files rape case against her boyfriend when the relationship breaks up in order to force him to get married, making not only "mockery" of the marriage but also inflating the statistics of rape cases.
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I order for men to protect themselves from false rape accusations and the cooperation of these claim by courts and politics, we now have to put a doubt on anyone who makes these acusations, whether they are true or not.
At one point, even I, if any woman would say "I have been raped" the first thing I would say is, "what an asshole", what is known as the white knight effect. Now after the local feminists from where I live in Ontario Canada did and are still doing, and what I have read worldwide, I find it extremely difficult to believe any such claims first hand. The first thing that pops in my mind when I do read, or hear it, is..."Ya, right. prove it".
And I am not the only one, because the use of this criminal act against people (99.9999% of which are men) for financial and revenge purposes, or as a defense for personal acts, as we can see above, we have to doubt everyone, even the real victim of an individual. Notice I use the word "individual", not men or women, because men or women do not rape, individuals do. Putting one gender in the same basket as the act of an individual is the wrong thing to do.
Those who do use the false rape accusation for selfish purposes are creating multiple victims, and denigrating the real victims themselves, and if, and I say "IF" feminists really cared for women, as they claim, they would speak up against this, denounce it, and go after those who do it...But they don't.
Therefore, feminism has become an organisation bent on personal power, financial gain and a tool to demonize a segment of our society, namely men, at the expense of those who are real victims....
And that is what feminist has evolved into, there is a big difference between feminists and equal rights, and from what we can see, they no longer care about equality, if they ever did they would go after those who make false claims of rape with the same fervor as they demonize men.

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