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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The slow death of feminism and their manginas.

Majority of British women would pick being a housewife over having a career

•Women aged 25 plus in a relationship and full time jobs were polled
•62% admitted they 'secretly' wished to be a housewife
•74% said they felt pressure from other women to be independent
•78% said they wouldn't mind being financially dependent on their partner

Before anyone accuses us of wanting our women to be barefoot, in the kitchen, washing dishes pregnant, let me say "no" father wants this, this is feminist bullshit, as fathers we want our daughters to be what they want to be, as long as they respect themselves and other's place in the circle of life...
That said, seems to me that women in general are satisfied with who they are and are fully capable of deciding for themselves which path they want to take. Without the help of those who "hate" been women, namely the local Hagasaurus Parasiticus Petacatosaurus, aka the lowly feminist.
I and so many of us have always supported anyone in our families to be independent, to think for themselves, as a native Canadian, the very idea of controlling the path of another human being is unthinkable. I cannot speak for others, only what I was thought, that we are all a strand in the web of life and if one controls another, that persons gifts are lost forever.
I personally think, if we look deeply, feminism has run its course, if it was ever a course to be taken seriously in the first place, true they are still a problem, but in the long term it does not look good for them to hang on to their power much longer. Their main mistake is that they tagged all men as born abusers and rapists and forgot that men are "mostly" raised by their mother, and this idealism insulted the hell out of women who realise they do not raise their sons to abuse women.

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