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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The result of not criminally charging a false rape accuser.

Teenager falsely accused of rape beaten to death by gang
Five killers carried out the 'extraordinarily callous, violent and brutal' murder of a teenager after the sister of one wrongly claimed he had raped her, a court heard today.
Luke Harwood, 18, was punched and kicked to death by the gang, who planned to slice off his fingers and pull out his teeth so the body could not be identified.
The victim, who was 5ft 7ins tall and weight just seven stone, had the misfortune to move into a council house when Alice Hall, who made the false allegation, was there, the Old Bailey heard.
Even though the case had been dropped, Hall claimed again that she had been attacked by Harwood, the court was told.
Her sister Emma Hall, 21, and four friends killed Mr Harwood by 'punching and kicking and stamping on his head many times,' said prosecutor Simon Denison.
The victim was taken to a stream where he was killed on the bank. His body was covered with a mattress. The gang planned to return to mutilate the body
Mr Denison added: "His murder was quite extraordinarily callous and violent and brutal."
The gang also burnt their clothes and mopped up bloodstains from the house.
But Emma Hall had called the police and told them about the plan to return to the body and officers were waiting for the gang.
Mr Denison said two years before Alice Hall had made a complaint to the police about the victim.
"She initially claimed that he had raped her.
"But when what she was saying was examined more closely by the police it was clear that she was not in fact saying he had raped her and no further action was taken."
The gang are said to have attacked Mr Harwood at the bungalow in Crow Lane, Romford, Essex.
The injured victim was then driven to a patch of land in nearby Woodford Green where the assault continued.
His body was discovered close to playing fields in Broadmead Road, near the Orchard Estate.
Hall, along with James Danby, 27, Tony O'Toole, 29 and Jovan Roberts, 28, deny murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
Feminists and groups such as NOW advocate that women not be prosecuted for lying about rape. This is what can and does happen sometimes. Those women should get years behind bars. Maybe then the lies will stop and the destruction of men and deaths of men will stop as will the disbelief of true rape victims.

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