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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The double standards of sexual assaults and violence..feminism 101.

Four women assault man, Toronto police say

Double standard on sexual assault? Twitter reacts to case alleged against four women involving a man

We are starting to see and expose sexual assaults been performed against boys and girls in schools by female teachers. This points out that when opportunity arises, sexual assault is not a one sex issue but both. The problem is assaults against males is not taken seriously, though thanks to those who are now aware of the problem, talking about it, more and more males are starting to come forward, showing women can be sex predators as well.
The big list: Female teachers with students
The main contention here is the double standards feminism 101 seem to have, sexual assault against school kids is very rarely talked about in the feminist circle, and when it does happen, it is joked about or simply ignored. Which shows feminists are not specifically against assaults so much as promoting an agenda.
Revolutionary Students Movement calls for violence
“We cannot tolerate this reactionary [MRA] point-of-view! The MRAs must be exposed for what they really are—at best, opportunistic hate-mongers who are taking advantage of the powerlessness keenly felt by the masses. At worst, they represent the most reactive, backward voices within the masses. As such, they need to be verbally condemned as well as physically challenged.”
"Only a revolutionary students’ movement that unites the progressives on campus will be successful in fighting this hateful, opportunistic trend as well as future proto-fascist movements. Only a RSM can unite proletarian women on campus with those who seek to defend and further women’s rights, and all genders’ liberation. Let’s build the RSM!"

The more we look into this "agenda", we find it to be a little strange to say the least. Now, they are against violence but promote it openly when it suits them. They are against sexual violence but laugh when it happens to boys? They call mrm, mra's proto-fascist movements but promote communist proletariat?
Now fascism is gone, and I doubt very much it will ever make a comeback, it was the worse system humans could come up with, supported by both men and women of the times.
Communism, which is just as bad with it's labor camp and gulags, is still around and endorsed by the radical left inside the feminist movement. I wonder is these little girls actually know what would happen to them if this ever comes about. It is a known fact that in any revolution, when successful,  the most zealous usually end up in these camps because they are deemed to be too...dangerous to the new system.

In closing, this site for instance, am I an mrm, mra, I don't know, and if it is judge as such, I am honored. But I write about the issues based on "my experiences" with the cat loving local feminists in Lanark county, Ontario.
I did not find any of them fighting for what is right, or for justice, I found them to be self centered, hungry for power and money, at the expense of people, women, men, children, and families.
The biggest mistake they made was when I tried to prevent them from putting my daughter on welfare against my wishes, they said  to her, and I quote, "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter".
This in itself was to me, a perverted statement, twisted words to achieve their goals to increase false statistics to get more money and pander to their self importance. (and to try to scare me)
Freedom and rights of the family is something that should never be fuc%^&ed with, especially by low intellectuals who believe they are untouchable.
Does that make me an mrm, mra, no, it just made me a really pissed off father....and if I am seen as an men's rights advocate it is because they made me this way.
At first I thought I was in for one fu#$ of a fight, but as time went on, I found them to be below my intelligence and really stupid people, easy as hell to expose as nothing more than overrated big mouths who adore themselves.
If you are against sexual assault, it must be for everyone, if you are against violence it must be for all, but to them it is only one sided, that is their weakness, as I said, it shows they are not against those things as much as they are for self promotion at the expense of all...
I am not saying they are not dangerous, they are, they have backing in all segment of our society, though they are losing support, I found them and their self promoting power inside police, politics and schools and trust me they can cause a lot of problems if one decides to fight back. But once the decision has been made to do the right thing, you find, like I said, their stupidity rampant, easy to expose what they really stand for and then you can ask, like I do to locals, is this who you really are?????
This is what Ontario's feminists and supported by the local interval house and it's staff believe...and promote.
Like i said, it is pretty damn easy to expose who they really are, one only has to ask local male politicians, "is this the way you got your position?" or even to the female ones, "is this how you raised your sons? Is this what you think of your husband??"
The fight for equality which began so long ago,
 has been taken away from people such has this and put back where it belongs, men and women of the blogosphere, who are taking the time to look and realise, this is not the way it is supposed to be, equality is for all, not just the chosen few...
We all have seen what feminism has become...and decided that...
This is fuck#$%ed up.

And that is my personal rant for the day.......
Be this guy!

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