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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Terra, year 2113..the ideal feminist world of the future.

Men must keep a 20 feet distance from any women.
If they see one coming near,
they must move out of their way,
eyes to the ground.
If they they do look at a woman,
the punishment is 30 lashes in the public square.
All men of reproductive age must report to government sperm banks every 6 months.
Men passed the age of reproduction (30) are to be castrated.
All government reproductive centers will only reproduce 1 male child to ten girls.
The education of boys is forbidden
Marriage is forbidden.
Sexual relationships between a man and a woman is strictly forbidden.
The criminal charges of assault on men is abolished.
Fatherhood is abolished.
Any woman showing affection towards a man will be fined the maximum allowed.
Men must not hold position of power of any sort.
Women can only own 3 male workers at any time.
And above all...
Males of any age are to be recognized as rapists and abusers.


To be fair, this site recognizes the differences between a feminist and a woman...

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