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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Syria opposition; New fatwa, rape women?

New Fatwa Permits Rape of Non-Sunni Women in Syria
Sheikh Yasir al-‘Ajlawni;
"A Muslim state must [first] attack a Christian state—sorry, I mean any non-Muslim state—and they [the women, the future sex-slaves] must be captives of the raid. Is this forbidden? Not at all; according to Islam, sex slaves are not at all forbidden. Quite the contrary, the rules regulating sex-slaves differ from those for free women [i.e., Muslim women]: the latter’s body must be covered entirely, except for her face and hands, whereas the sex-slave is kept naked from the bellybutton on up—she is different from the free woman; the free woman has to be married properly to her husband, but the sex-slave—he just buys her and that’s that".

Let me see if I get this right, Assad, who allows women to be educated, drive cars, walk without an escort, so on so on, is the bad guy we are told to hate, right? While in saudi arabia, "our ally" punishes women who walk without an escort, forbid higher education, forbids to drive cars, so on so on, we are told are the "good guys".....
And in Syria, the "opposition" eat the heart of fallen soldiers, and allow the treatment of women as slaves...sorry sex slaves....and they are the good guys????
Am I missing something here?????
When the western world "arms" and "fund" these open policies, where the hell is the feminists, I thought, through their ads on tv, that they knew what women of the world wants????

We see these commercial on tv all the time from the feminist site like invest in girls, sounds good, but how come they say nothing when western governments fund a group that support the raping of young girls???
Do these feminist site really care about the young girls of the world, not one f...ing bit, if you go to their "take action" button, its all about....getting money...FUNDRAISE,DONATE,SHOP....give us money, question is, where is this money really going...
F'''ing hypocrites.

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