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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Suicide rates amongst teens a problem in Canada and the western world. Thanks to feminists controlled social programs.

Canadian study proves that the "suicide contagion" exists
The study assessed the association between exposure to suicide and suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts among young people based on a cross-sectional and prospective two year follow-up study done between 1998 and 2007. The study examined the responses from 8766 children aged 12 - 17 years.
"We found that exposure to suicide predicts suicidality. This is true for all age groups, although exposure to suicide increased the risk most dramatically in the youngest age group, when the baseline suicidality was relatively low. ... Exposure was consistently associated with attempts and to a lesser degree ideation; some of these associations were still significant 2 years later."
 The Canadian Medical Association stated:

Exposure to suicide within the last 2 years was associated with suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts among Canadian youths. This finding is based on responses from 8766 children aged 12–17 years in a national survey carried out between 1998 and 2007.
This is a subject really close to my heart, as an adult and for personal reason.
My theory about the increase in suicides with teens in this country is because of the meddling governments and its feminists controlled social programs have done to the family circle. With all due respect I admit not all politicians are the same, I have talk to some who really cared, but they had no power to do anything.
The most important emotion that will guarantee a child's stability is parental love and attention. In our society these days we are "forced" to give our kids to the state, schools and social programs for them to raise.
I.E.: daycare, Jr kd, kd, schools, and if we don't have the time to pay attention and get involve with our children emotional problems we go to total strangers who have no idea of the goings on in the family home and cause more damages than good, namely the teen help organisations, therapists, who will first blame the parents in front of the child or tell you, your child is a little adult.
Then we have television, which has become nothing more than a platform for political idealism and commercialism. Here in Canada, if your left you watch cbc, ctv, global, and if you're right you watch sun news. In america it's fox vs the rest of them, the worse been cnn and msnbc.
Now, compare to before, and no I am not wishing for the old days, we are told time and time again that both parent have to work, tv makes us believe we must do this in order to raise our kids right, give them more and more possessions like a ds, the latest cell phone or xbox...the more the better. But that is not the real reason they push for both parents to work, secretly, if they push for both parents to work, it increases the tax base and governments can collect more and more money, not to mention businesses increase sales, which again takes us back to...taxes. Yet, compare to the "old days" we are no better off financially, and we see what has been happening lately with corrupt politicians double dipping taxpayers money..., as if it is theirs to do with as they wish...
They might not be aware of the damage they are doing or they might be, whether it is for political purposes or not, they are, in my opinion responsible for what is going on. Not to mention the radical left wing feminist who controls the social programs. The other one who hold responsibility is television, and it's propaganda wars against traditional family values.
Think about it, all this puts your child inside other peoples beliefs, their political agenda, their salaries, all depend on you giving your child to them. On a normal day, working parents give their child to strangers, starting with the daycare, then it's jr kd, then kd, then school, and in between when we realize we are having problems, organisations such as teen help or some therapist. That's 9 to 10 hours a day, sometime longer, until they are 18, then if you're lucky, college. You as a parent, have less than an hour in the morning, rush rush to go to work, get home, supper, tired, no time to listen to a child's day, a couple of hours later, bedtime.
In the meantime, you have not realise that most of your childs day has been with strangers, they are the ones raising them.
What does all this have to do with the increase in suicide rates with teens, simple....when they have emotional problems or a conflict, who do they go to? There was never one person that was the constant role model, you were at work, and the strangers in their lives who raised them are all gone. Who do they turn too?
The parental role model, whether the mother or the father, is today no were to be found, that is what's causing the big problem.
I am by no way blaming working parents, we are been lead by the nose with propaganda these days just like everyone else, if you're a stay at home mom, you're a slave to your husband according to single cat petting old hags, aka the radical feminist, and if you're a man, well, you're bad and controlling, you're abusing your woman, your son's are born potential abusers, and if you get in the crosshairs of some sub intellectual feminist, they will do anything to demonize you. This in return makes one defensive, or wonder about your place in the circle of life. And who lacks your attention...your child.
No one can tell me, that a teen, 13,14,15 16, year old is ready for the world, anyone who believes this has given up on their responsibility as adults or parent, this is the age they need us the most, the are "not" little adults, they are our kids who are in dire need of our wisdom or a simple kiss and hug. And when they beg for it, we are nowhere to be found. Also, we have a tendency these days to forget, the patriarchs and matriarchs of our families, the elders who, with their experiences could help a whole lot better than some teen help therapists who depends on how many kids they see in order to get "payed".

I am talking from personal experiences, the meddling of the social programs and schools in the family circle has cause damages to some of the kids in my family, whether the women's shelter in carleton place, which some of them told one of my daughters,"there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter" (pervs), or the local open doors teen help, who after going there, blamed me for all the difficulties I was having, in front of my daughter, which I realised I had made a mistake going there when my kid told me "see I told you it was your fault". Then we have lanark county welfare who simply gave a 16 year old a check and tossed her to the wolves. Government who did not care, and regional social programs director's office who called me a liar when I asked for help. Let's not forget the threats I received from some local cops who just did not care about the safety of my child. I have looked into this, seen the same pattern with others families, as soon as they go for help, things get worse. Even in other members of my family.

The safest place for a child to be, is in the arms or it's parents, if we give them to these people, we have lost them, take the time to look at what I am saying, look around you, be the role model your child needs, and they will have a better chance at life than to listen to those who depends on them for their salaries.

And remember the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of your family, they can help a whole lot more than that therapist who knows nothing about the workings of your family life and circle....

It's either this.....

Or this...

The choice is yours....what messages you listen too.
Been a parent, especially to teens is like walking a tightrope, you tell them one thing and those who use teens for propaganda and a political ideal tells them something totally different, been informed on what is going on out there, at least gives us a legs up on what they are told and what they are going through, and in my opinion and experiences, wisdom from parents and family always wins in the long run. 
The worst nightmare a parent could ever go through is the death or suicide of one of their children, there is nothing in this world that can compare in pain. 
And that is my personal thought on the issue.

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