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Friday, May 10, 2013

Self-loathing - The male feminist delusion

A good opinion and point. I have said it before, women do not like the feminist male and especially the mangina...He is seen as a weak creature and despised as a  a useless being who goes against his nature.
And the nature of a man is not to call himself a feminist, to be a mangina or a white knight, the nature of a man is simple, be who you were meant to be.
Let's face reality, the freedom and peace of our families does not depend on the feminist ideal, actually they are curbing freedoms, reducing it by offering reasons to implement new restrictive laws against all of us and opening the door to evil acts. Freedom of our families to be happy and to grow does not depend on governments, on the male who found his feminine side. the lowly mangina or the white knight.
The rights and freedom of our families totally depends on the men of each family to stand outside his circle, looking out, preventing those who would do them harm from entering and to "assure" those inside, his woman, children and elders, live in peace, no matter what...
Is this old school, perhaps, but if one lives life with open eyes he or she will see, that the world is not more peaceful, on the contrary, and the only way we can survive, until all live life with open eyes, is for men and women to understand their place in the circle of life, to be a strand of the web, because one cannot hold the strand by themselves, we must all cooperate to make sure it does not break.
The feminist and her allies have put our kids on the streets, made them do drugs and crime, they have open the door to teen pregnancies and suicides, they did this by weakening the stands in the web, by demonising, spirituality, the family, men, and even women. 
If we are to thrive we must respect each other not as a special group needing special protection, but as individuals, with individual and uniques gifts every person has on Mother Earth. Our personal uniqueness is what makes the world a better place, what one can do the other cannot, and vise versa, the group on the other hand, does not allow individual opinions outside its ideal, and that is a lost.

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