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Friday, May 3, 2013

Pre-historical Link to feminists discovered. AKA; HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus

HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus; (AKA; banana eating tree dwellers)
They had a primitive, pigeon-toed gait, yellow front teeth, ate mostly veggies, extremely hairy and spent a lot of time swinging in the trees. It is theorized that when one of them was attacked by a predator, they would blame the male of the species, therefore would retreat to a different branch and pass their day petting cats, hooting and hollering at those who would not follow them. This behavior almost doomed the human race to extinction, fortunately, other members of the group recognized this as been counter productive and separated themselves from such activities and went on to populate the planet.
One can see the remaining descendants of these first feminists in many corners of today's society, still blaming their male counterparts and petting cats.
So there you have it,proof, HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus has existed from the beginning,and still does. 
Definition: HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus.
This creature never takes responsibility for her own words, she will blame others for the trouble she causes, a creature who hates herself, her male counterpart and even those of her own sex if they do not sign on to her philosophy and idealism. One must tread lightly around the HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus, she is one with low self esteem, sub intellect, a gigantic inferiority complex and is extremely jealous of other peoples happiness, therefore must be treated with caution. If allowed to multiply she will cause extreme damage to society and families around her.The irrationality of HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus's idealism and her hatred of the male of her species shows her evolution took a different path than those around her, whereas normal evolution shows dependency of male and female on each other made them prolific, HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus's dependency on cats for companionship on the other hand made her very lonely and resentful, hence producing a being different from the norm and very dangerous to those around her. If not kept under control, HagAsaurus PetAcatOsaurus can destroy relationships, families, children and even in the long run, nations themselves.

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