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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New teen drug in Ontario..the patch.

3 day period...it attacks the nervous system...Fentanyl...hard to breath...stronger than morphine... withdrawals are horrible....compare to morphine it is 20 time stronger.
The patch is particularly problematic for parents since you don't really see them doing it.

Teens like to be rebellious, it is better as a parent that they be this way with pot than hard drugs. Parents should use pot as a tool, a slap on the hand and express your disapproval, telling them they should not do drugs and disobey you, it is better than pot been legal and them taking a different path towards the next illegal drug which is the hard ones. After marijuana there is no more soft drugs, what is left is the hard ones. That is why, soft drugs should not be made legal, it should not be made criminal with a record but a fine type of punishment  This way they can have their rebellious moment and we as parent can manipulate the situation to protect them. Once teens and their underdeveloped brains fall into the hard drugs, you lost them, the chances of getting them back has decreased by 100 fold.
I am not advocating the use of pot, for teens it is not a good idea, but it is better for them to use this than for them experimenting with the next drug on the illegal list.
Those in the social programs who see them as an chance to increase their false statistics, a source for funding, a power base, a voting bloc, telling them parents are dictators don't give 2 shits about them, usually do not have kids and got their education  at a university, what do they know of how your home operates or the character of you child.
So as a parent, I recommend taking the smart path, if you have doubt your child is experimenting with drugs, use the situation to your advantage, understand the problem and the difference between them...

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