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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New rules for Ontario's boardrooms, reproductive organs must be on the inside for advancement.

I have 2 daughters, I encourage them to be independent and strong "women", neither is a feminist out of respect for...their father.
I would not be as proud if they got their "positions" in life simple because they are girls and I would tell them that if they did get on some board simply because they are women, and not because they worked hard and have the experience, that they are been used and denigrated as human beings.
I have always told them to get somewhere, you have to work hard, be strong and believe in yourself, sure there will be obstacles, we all go through them.....

Now comes the feminists in the ontario liberal government, you're a woman and you deserve to be on boards, simply because your reproductive organs are on the inside...doesn't matter if you're experienced or not...

Makes sense, put people on top who have no experience, simply because they are women??? That should help our economy some.....

Imagine you're a woman and you get ahead because you worked hard, your experienced and your have respect...Now wouldn't that be something to be proud of.

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