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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Manipulation by radical feminism, Lanark county style.

a. The act or practice of manipulating.
b. The state of being manipulated.
c. Shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage.

There is different kind of manipulation, by fear, guilt, there is many more but I will concentrate on these two.
Feminists, or as I call them Hagasoraus Parasiticus Petacatosaurus, (lol), always say men manipulate women, well men do not manipulate them, most of us have daughters and we surely do not teach them to be manipulated but to be strong, so that argument is bullshit.
"Individuals" manipulate, and that can be men and "women".
Take for example my local feminists in Lanark county, the local shelter, financially strapped because of "their" policy, asked the local county government for money, been in financial trouble themselves they basically said, "we do not have the money for now" more or less. The shelter's answer, "the county does not care about the abuse of women and children" , scared the shit of the county mayors and they got some of the money they were demanding...that is manipulation by guilt.
Less than a month later, guilt sets in, thanks to erin lee todd and boom, they get money. $35,000.

And then there is manipulation by fear, the worse kind, this website, which openly print hate speech against men, is supported by my local feminists.
Now the manipulation by fear, basically warns men who hold power in the area, that if they do not follow the line imposed on them by local hateful feminists, they will be in for one hell of an attack. If they print such bullshit hate speech on their site, imagine how free they feel to say whatever they want in public or the local feminist mangina media, namely the emc-courier.
Manipulation by fear is the worse, because one can lie, bullshit, invent, falsify statistics and control what is said publicly, once the fear is out there, very few will dare to oppose....till now.
Lanark county feminists always had a free hand, they could say or invent anything they wanted, no one dared to oppose them.
I have exposed their false statistics, their policies of targeting teen girls, through local schools, just to name a few, and no one bothered to look if they were telling the truth, because of fear of retaliation the way they did to the county.
I, on the other hand cannot be manipulated through guilt or fear, they tried, didn't work....
So who is manipulating whom, how can those who hold power in the area even talk to these "people" when they know what the local feminists think of them.
Are we dealing with fearful minded politicians who can't stand up for their beliefs and face those who openly promote hate speech against a segment of our society, (men), or do they really believe they hold power through rape and sexual harassment??? As the site says.
When the politics of fear and guilt is installed in our system we loose all our freedom.
Freedom depends on the will to fight wrong, no matter the cost.

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