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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lanark county; hockey playoffs, we buy beer, we beat our wives. Really???

In Lanark county, we are quite aware that alcohol is a killer??? Really???

So, let me see if I get this right, me been a member of the male gender of lanark county and considered dumb as a log, at playoff time, we buy beer, beat and kill??????Am I getting this right???
Tried to find stories related to us men buying alcohol during playoff time in lanark county and going around "beating and killing" and guess what, couldn't find a one...
I have read many ridiculous comments made by the local feminist propaganda been spewed out, the personal attacks against men, and let's not forget "men go around raping and sexually harassing women to hold on to their power".

But this one above has to be the one that is totally out there in fairyland, and a perfect example of how anyone who calls themselves feminists, especially the radical ones, have one desire in mind, to demonize through outright lies, what a man really is.

Let me refresh this lost little girl what man really is;
at the rush of the big game, right now been the hockey playoffs, we love watching because it relieves the stress of working hard for our families which we love and adore, we get together with the boys, and sometimes girls to watch the "big game". It makes us happy, and been "happy" we do not go around in lanark county buying beer and then beating our wives.

What we are not, is what she describes for political and financial reason supported by a left wing newspaper, namely the emc-courrier smiths falls.
Pushing unrealistic statements such as the one she made above, is by far, a perfect example of what a radical feminist will never understand about us.
One thing they will never understand because of that blind path they took is that there is a difference between who men are, and what an "individual" does. Whether the individual been man or woman, the action of "individuals" does not reflect on who the rest of us are. And anyone in the media who publish such silly statements are no better than the one who made it....

Now if I may be a "man" for one minute....
Sometimes Before a beer.......

But, after we had a few beers????

LOL....A feminist will never understand the full meaning of a good beer a good man and a good woman, them having only cats to go home too....

After a good game, a good beer, we go to our good lookin women...and it's not too beat them that's for sure. 
But then you have to be a man to understand and anyway, our women love their beer drinkin rednecks of lanark county...Ask any of them.

Now, interestingly enough, ABC 20\20, with the help of a female reporter, went undercover as a man, to find out who men really are and totally destroyed everything these feminists have to say about us...
I believe this report should go viral and once and for all, expose the lies been promoted about men, for financial purposes not to mention to keep us divided, personal power and simply to pander to their inferiority complex..
Watch for my next post. Extremely Interesting.....
A self made man-female reporter goes undercover as a man. Exposes once and for all, the misconception and feminist lies of the male gender.

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