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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is the director of the Interval house in Carleton Place trying to hide her online accessibility?

Since this corrupt organization tried to destroy my relationship with my daughter a few years ago, I have exposed their manipulation of statistics, false representation of the number of abuse in  Lanark county, their targeting of teen girls, co-operating with a local to bring teen girls to her house to pay for her mortgage, personal hate speech against men,(recongnize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassement) inflated salaries and their funding expenditure which makes no sense.(coming soon, found a financial declaration site)
I have put up links to their propaganda usually from the emc-courrier, but also from lake88 radio station, but lately I have noticed that their stories no longer appear online. (MMM!)
They do however still print some of them, so I have to cut out the story and scan it and post...darn it...lol.

This is the recent story on the emc-courier, always it is in the lifestyle section, but like others, they no longer put them online, so no links...Not that it matters, I do have a scanner.
But as I have exposed about this shelter, they target teens, and this story is no different. In my opinion and experience, they know they can access some of the teens who are rebellious, hence, a small suggestion here, a proposal there and another teen is on their statistics for next year's funding? and they can claim that abuse is on the rise in lanark county and demand more money. Lately I see nothing about helping adults, always teens...There is no doubt in my mind (personal experiences) that they target teens, if anyone has a different view, I am willing to listen.
I blacked out the addresses because I do not offer free advertisement to this organisation.

Is she trying to eliminate her fingerprint online, just because of this blogs exposure of their action? sure looks like it...
There is many sites which the director of this shelter erin lee todd, took her email off this one,.......... this one, gone too, then she had her video on this dating for teen site, the whole site is gone, but its OK, I downloaded the site, had her name here, page not found, another one here, opps sorry, this page isn't available, there were a few more I saved but we get the point, trying to eliminate oneself from the Internet and that helps them to be unaccountable for their actions?

On this site she had her name beside Co-Chairs of Social Justice and Action/Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression: well well, name is gone and replace as soon as I brought it up a while back.
This is the one that really "offended " me, been native, having fought and put my life on the line for the rights of our people more than she did, and since beside her, there is 2 more native women at this specific shelter in Carleton place, I thought I was dealing with experienced and caring people, since were all native, no such luck, she and her staff put another native youth on welfare and in housing, damaging her education, and her "future", simply because she was been raised by her dad. In this case, what else am I supposed to think.
Using a native girl to increase their statistic is the most disgusting thing any native woman can do, as if there is not enough of us dependant in the first place. I tried to co-operate with this person and I ended up in a war.
So be it...

Open "note" to this director of the interval house in carleton place ontario.
"So, todd, when I asked you to help, with very polite and diplomatic emails, which I found on the sites mentioned above, I mentioned my daughter was native amongst other things, I explained she had medical problems, and the reason why she was so rebellious, I begged for your help confident you would give it since you and 2 more of your staff are native. I had hoped that since you knew too many of our people are "dependant" on the system, that you understood how damaging it is for our youth to be put on welfare.....
In return  for my "begging" for your help, you sent your girlfriends from the local opp at my door, which they had to admit my emails were...polite.
The only thing you had to do is cooperate with the parent, in this case, me, you refused, and in my opinion, because I was her dad, a man. You are so entrenched in your dislike of men that it is now in your character and therefore you are an hindrance to the position you hold. You judge all men to be bad first, no matter what and this attitude does not help the "true" victims in your care, since not all men are created equal. Therefore you should do the right thing and..... RESIGN."

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