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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Imposition of sex education by communists and pedophiles.

The choice is always ours, parents, not pedophiles and misguided few, be informed who is pushing this and make you own decisions about what your children are thought.
People in a democratic society should never be told what to accept, but be asked if they want it. The choice is ours not theirs to impose on us.
A free society is defended not by governments but by its people.

Now as for sex ed, what irritates the shit out of me is, they act as if they are all knowing on what we want for our children, that sex ed is new and will make a better society, bullshit...
When I went to school, a very very long time ago, we had sex ed, in secondary school, it was called biology, all reproductive organs was shown and how it worked, there was morality involve also.
Today, they took morality out and called in sex ed, and it is exactly that, from the reports I have read, on what they show in  class, they might as well play a kama sutra video...
Sex ed is now thought as something kids do as a pastime like playing xbox, also it has a lot to do with promoting the gay lifestyle, since they explain the specifics about how normal oral and anal sex is.
Which is now shown in Ontario schools.
In my honest opinion, this has more to do with taking away parental rights than promoting a better society.
In the old days, kids went to their parents for info, worked fine, less teen pregnancy, less homelessness, so on, but now, the state wants to replace those conservative ideas parents put in their kids mind, like work hard, depend on yourself, education, and self respect, with "your new parents is...the state... we know better, depend on us for all your needs".
And that is a dangerous path to take.

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