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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Husband and wife, strength, love and support. Family.

To a feminist those two words mean imprisonment and slavery, that's because they are single (with cats) or have a mangina on their hands and happiness had eluded them.
But to a man and a woman, it means many things, strength and support, love and affection, children and grandchildren, hugs and kisses. The parallels of duality between these two words can have many individual meanings, but the ends means is always love and respect.
That is the life of the strong majority of Canadians and couples around the world. What is disgusting is the radical feminist with their inferiority complex and a house full of cats, seem to want to destroy. I gather the reason they are so hateful of the though is that they have never experienced this love.
What is also disturbing is those who would listen to these left over of the human race.

There is nothing this world has to offer which is more gratifying than the love a man has for his woman.
(or vise versa)

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