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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How would you like to live in feminist sweden? Gender tax, men will pay 7% more.

Time to introduce gender taxes? Translated google chrome

By birth and inveterate habit, the saying goes. And it is fully in line when it comes to what determines our economy. It is decidedly from birth - the one woman will very likely be worse off financially compared to that is you.

Sure, there have been very positive in recent years in terms of greater equality but there is still much to do. Actually too much. Not least in the economic sphere.

Basic structures in society leads today is still that there is economic inequality.

When aspects such as occupation, education, parental leave, unpaid work, and more are included, it is clear that women are losers and men ever winner when it comes to crowns at checkout. This vote Equality Committee in Umeå municipality's wrong. We want to raise the issue of economic inequality on the agenda - developing too slowly.

Umeå municipality's overall gender equality objectives are: To create opportunities for women and men have the power to shape society and their own lives.

An important factor is economic equality and economic independence.

Therefore, we might begin to investigate the introduction of a gender tax?

Would a gender tax designed so it would be about men paying higher taxes because of that there is still an unexplained pay gap of around seven per cent in favor of men.

But there are more reasons that makes an average of 4,500 kronor per month, the difference in income between men and women. It's about the choices we have to do and how these choices are valued. Still, women take out the majority of parental leave and working part-time to a greater extent and more unpaid home. It loses women in their wallets, for life. The injustice of it is necessary to talk about and take responsibility for.

But this is not about what we want in the Equality Committee. It's all about the individual citizen - if anyone wants to stay and live in Umeå. Should we be economically equal and financially independent? How will we get there? Is equality tax might only option? Or are there other ways?

Yes, it is clear that it does. Closing the pay gap, to challenge the structures and actively work for an equal distribution of unpaid housework, breaking the gender segregated labor market, to ensure that fathers are taking a larger share of parental leave, to challenge our own beliefs and dare to see things for how they actually looks and not how we think it looks.

It's time to start talking about power, gender and economics, and if we want an equal society or not.

We want it and we want to Umeå will be the municipality in Sweden to work best to get it. A municipality in which all women and men have the power to shape their own lives and society on equal terms, with as much power and with equally loud voice so that both women and men are able to live a financially independent life, whole life.
Keep in mind, a man works hard, comes home, provide for a good life for his family, but has to pay 7% more in taxes because he is a man. Coming to a shore near you if you're not careful...

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