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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feminist utopia Sweden, worse off than we are?

Gangs of ‘Youths’ Overrun Stockholm
We can compare our society to feminist sweden in many ways, one is they call their kids "hens" instead of him and her, for a better gender neutral society based on equality, therefore people will be more calm, to ours, which this hen bullshit has not made its way here yet...

Their laws have been greatly feminised, the cops for instance are "under control" and have limited powers, since most are "men", you know all bad and violent, them been men and all...
To ours whom are still in most part, secure in their manhood....(For the moment, but give it time)
In sweden, cops been feminized, as we can read in the link above, run, and get their asses kicked all over the place, but that ok, at least their feminine side prevents them from cracking a few heads in order to protect people and property. Also God forbid they take their guns out, then they are in real deep shit.
(As of 9:36 PM Monday, Stockholm time, it was being reported that police officers were “running for their lives from youth gangs.”)
(Four or five “youths” beat up a cop on a bridge before he managed to flee.)

Here on the other hand, in north america, cops not been feminised "yet",(but give it time), would allow demonstrations as long as they are peaceful, (most of the time), but if it gets violent, they would rush the demonstrators and protect people and property so we can go back to work the next day. And if the crowd would gather in large number, again, they would be rushed and dispersed.
But all this is fine, at least in sweden, it's gender neutral utopia, has brought a safe and secure society.

Sarcasm aside, The point here is, we can safely see, feminising parts of society is not a very good idea, in this screwed up world, if we are to stay safe and peaceful, we need the actions of...dare I say it, men who are capable of keeping things under control, putting their lives on the line..and as sweden has shown, running and offering feminine actions to an unruly crowd, complicate things and extends the problem.

I am the last one to defend the actions of all cops, some are bad, some are good, (personal experiences), but if we are to stay a stable society, there has to be balance, between allowing the people's voice been heard and a crowd who goes out of control and starts burning businesses, cars, personal property.
Feminising society is all fine and dandy, up until its our houses, cars or place of business they start to burn down.
(over 100 cars had been set on fire in Husby and that a local shopping center had been vandalized, causing injury to three police officers.)
(around 30 cars set on fire last night, fires that we connect to youth gangs and criminals,")

And as sweden has shown us, putting too much of the feminine touch without the balance of the masculine, makes things worse, as any imbalance always does.

Let's see if we are more intelligent in the grand scheme of things and realize that feminism can cause more problem in the long run, without the balance of the masculine, after all, it seems to be working out just fine for those feminised scandinavian countries....(more sarcasm)
Our freedom has and always will depend on balance and if we rid ourselves of one side of it, namely the warrior who puts his life on the line, not as a white knight but as buffer against those who will do our families harm, then we are not going to survive.
Not everyone in this world subscribe to the idealism of feminism and as we bring more and more of them to our shores, in our cities, we can now see, it is causing some nasty surprises...
‘Multiculturalism failing’: Swedish PM pleas for order as riots engulf Stockholm suburbs
“Sweden has been trying harder than any of the countries in Europe to try to push for integration. We have invested virtually billions from taxpayers’ money into it, we have tried everything that the scientists have presented – and still it’s not working,” the politician argued.
In my opinion, they have it wrong, it's not multiculturalism thats failing, it's their silly adventure into one sided blind stubbornness promoting feminism as the best answer to the worlds problems....

Just ask, France, England, Scandinavia, Greece, and all those "stable" European countries, how well it's working out for them.....

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