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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Feminism and manginas, the opposite of life.

491 babies born alive after failed abortions, left to die: Statistics Canada confirms
Planned Parenthood official defends post-birth abortions

In a world were adults are expected to protect the young, this is a hard thing to accept. Throughout the western world, abortions on demand is the primary reason of existence for feminism and their mangina allies. For the sake of me, I will never understand their excuses for supporting the "killing" of babies. You have to be a person without a conscience, heartless, sub-human to promote such a vile policy.
It is an accepted fact that if a child is alive after an abortion, they are left to die, and by all that is decent, this is called murder.
When a society comes to a point where a baby is not seen as a human being and allowed to die without an effort to save its life, then such a society cannot survive. Life is the primary "raison d'etre" of all nations and its people, it is why we exists, it is the reason we are here, yet some see this as nothing more than an inconvenience to financial advancements.
I still believe, excluding the false polls the mainstream media keeps on promoting, that generally, people see this as a sin against humanity, against human existence and reason for being. An evil act performed by evil people.
Been Native myself, life, all life, is part of the web, everyone has a place in the circle of life, the strong protects the weak, and we are all part of the strength that ensures a just society. But when the weak are seen as a clump of cells, not worthy of respect, this is a path to other evil acts. How long till the elderly, the sick are added to this twisted idealism?. What next? Manipulating the thinking of weak minded people by saying, "its OK they are old and sick, they have the freedom of choice to end their unwanted lives if they want to????"
If we do not respect life, we do not respect the place of anyone in the circle, we find excuses for murder, "he was yelling at her???" or "this person was old and sick?"... "Or, this child was the wrong sex????"
The Nazis murdered people then deemed unwanted, so what is the definition of abortion, does it only refer to babies, no, killing the unwanted, even adults who are sick, mentally disabled, and racially impure is...ABORTIONS. Therefore abortion and murder, technically has the same meaning.
If we are so desensitized to death, then it opens the door to more intense thoughts, and that is WARS...
The mass murder of millions....Wars are made acceptable by "not" respecting life. And again those who suffer are the weak, the very people we are here to protect. Our women, our children and our elders.

I therefore declare that feminism and their mangina allies are the opposite of life, hence the enemy of all of us who respect it. This idealism must be eradicated for all times, it must be exposed for what it is, point out what they really represent, a hate group bent on destruction of what we "people" see as a right, the right to life, freedom and respect for all things, especially children which they use for their own twisted idealism, and when they are gone, and this is only a matter of time, then we can all work together to make a better world based of the respect for all who deserve a place in the circle.

Children are gift from the Great Spirit, Creator of all life, given to us to protect, and when this is "totally" understood, we will have a better world based on the Spiritual belief that "we are all related"....
I was watching the movie 300 the other day, The Queen of Sparta spoke and the Persian said, "what right does a woman have to speak in front of men", she answered, "the women are the ones who give birth to the soldiers of Sparta, that is what gives me the right". This comes directly from the society we have; where I come from, we have a "matriarchal society" they, children and the elders are inside the circle, and the Warrior stands outside looking out to protect it, not because one is better than the other, but because we all have a place in life, one is not better than the other, as feminism and their lowly manginas preach. The co-operation between men and women makes for a better world, the understanding of the importance of one for the other, that we are there to protect and bring happiness to...CHILDREN.
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We are all a strand in the web of life, and if we fail to look after each other, look the other way when evil thrives, then we are no better than those who cause us pain and tears.

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