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Friday, May 17, 2013

False rape accusations epidemic in Canada, thanks to out of control feminism.

Feminism = Oppression...
When we have statements such as all men bad, boys are born rapists, men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment, so on, so on, we will have those who will see it as an opening to damage the reputation of men, or in this case, simply to avoid paying a cab fare. This has gone to far, no one is immune, the hate speak, I and so many other "men and women" have exposed, promotes these kind of false accusations against anyone who happens to be male, and most of the time for simple revenge.
Those who abuse this, feel so safe that nothing is going to happen to them they don't even care if they are told they are been videotaped. And as we can see in the video, those who made the false accusations did not even get charged, the last time I checked, this behaviour is...illegal according to the criminal code...
The system is been abused and no one can tell me politicians don't know, I have talked to some who actually admitted this to me, so if they know how come they are not doing anything about it? There is nothing to be afraid of, a lowly feminist is a very small minority, getting smaller everyday, they are on the defensive and are too stupid to change their ways. They are so stuck in the "ALL MEN BAD" rhetoric that it is even turning women against them.
Everything they now do has become personal attacks against men, if they don't like you, or you decide to fight back, this is what their one and only resort is.
Recently I have been in a battle against my ex wife, a stalker and obsessed person who cannot accept we are divorce. Even tried multiple "fake" suicide attempts to get me back. The last straw was when she called me and said our oldest daughter was dying and it was my fault, my daughter is doing fine. One can imagine for one minute how I felt for those few minutes before I called her to ask if it was true.
But now she is trying to get money from victims compensation of Ontario, fraudulently, making such out of touch statement about me, that I could  not believe she would go that far....And who the hell is helping her, the woman's shelter in carleton place ontario. The same one I have been at "war" with for the past few years.
Thank God I decided to get me some small cameras and audio recording devices to protect myself otherwise I would be in deep shit. There is such a thing as defamation of character, and when I am done with this crap I am going through, I plan to make them understand "I am no one's victim".

When I say no one is immune, I am talking about everyone who is male, when they say men are all rapist, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ALL OF US, and even cops are not past they false accusations. Those who can make a difference better wake up, if they don't do anything they might be next...
Remember, one false accusation and there goes ones career....
What is the result of such rampant false accusation, supported by feminists of all kinds and especially women's shelter?
A woman came to me, told me she was abused, her ex was a cop, the first thing that popped in my mind was "ya right".  Prove it....When such a statement would of upsetted me years ago, it now gets doubt. and I am not the only one, we see open doubt when anyone makes such a claim, hurting the real victims.
Greed has placed its ugly head in a situation that should be taken seriously, men and women are been abused, attacked, and those who make false accusations and those who do nothing about it are equally responsible for the doubt that is express when such statements are made.
That's feminism for ya, old dried up hags who have an inferiority complex and are so full of hatred they cannot see the damage they are doing.
Here is a history lesson for those hags, never try to victimize a man for too long, when he decides to fight back, you already lost.

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