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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 in 4 B.C. boys on street sexually exploited by women

The Vancouver Sun, Gerry Bellett, Canwest News Service, Tuesday, May 27, 2008
VANCOUVER - Canada's largest study into the sexual exploitation of street kids and runaways has shattered some myths about who the abusers might be - with the most surprising finding being that many are women seeking sex with young males.

"Some youth in each gender were exploited by women with more than three out of four (79 per cent) sexually exploited males reporting exchanging sex for money or goods with a female," said Elizabeth Saewyc, associate professor of nursing at the University of British Columbia and principal investigator for the study conducted by Vancouver's McCreary Centre Society.

"I must admit it wasn't something we were expecting."

Strange these statistics never make it in the reports of local shelters..its always women this, young girls that, gays this...men all bad....
These "statistic" even though they are from vancouver, I guarandamntee that they are the same in any city,Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, so on...So why is it, the local hags never mention it?

If the truth is not told, then why should we believe anything they say?

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