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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Ontario needs is a law declaring parental rights "fundamental".

Starting July 1st, parents in Virginia will have “a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care” of their children.
The bills formally declare parental rights as fundamental, meaning they will have the highest level of legal protection.

“Fundamental” means these rights cannot be taken away unless the state has a compelling reason to do so. When rights are “ordinary,” the state has more leeway in overriding parents’ decisions.
Parental rights include any legal obligations that go with being a parent, such as the right to custody or visitation, the right and obligation to provide financial support, and the obligation to provide the child with proper care and supervision.
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In Ontario the major problem with drugs, teen pregnancy, lack of education, generational welfare, is the intrusion of social programs and the education system sticking their noses where it does not belong. Telling parents what will be thought to our children without having a say, easy access to welfare, so on...
Diluting parental rights has produce a dangerous path for the long term future of the next generation. It is a "fact" that when parental rights are enforced and respected, we have less drug abuse, crime, teen pregnancies, welfare and a more educated hard working society. I always believed the reason the suicide rate is so high amongst teens is because they have no idea where to turn when things get difficult. They are told in schools and by social programs through the media that they are adults at a very young age when they are nowhere near nor ready for a world who uses people for profits.
The expression, "it's a ruff world out there" is more real today than ever, and the young must have someone to turn to when thing get messed up. Depending on social programs, or teen help line, or counselors who have no idea how the family home works is what's causing the problem. Parents are better placed to understand the mind of their own children.
Declaring parental rights to be fundamental would greatly enhance the position of the father in children's lives, and all research show that when the father is involved, kids have a better chance at a good future.
Taking away courts meddling into families is paramount, no more should a father hope that the judge is in a good mood in order to be involve in his kids lives.
What benefits a child is mom and dad, and all the respect than comes with it.
The right to be a parent is not given to us by the state  or its courts or its education system, let alone its social programs, it is a God given right.
And when the state respected this a long time ago, our society was better off.
There is no such thing as co-parenting with the state, the social programs or the education system, they "must" answer to parents in order to have a stable society.
Schools, courts, social programs, teen help lines, all those intrusive organisations controlled by the radical feminists and their mangina allies have become so negative in their outlook on life, demonizing parents, especially fathers, that sons and daughters, no longer have a hero to look up to, no role models, and this causes deep resentment towards society and a lost generation.
Therefore, parental rights, and that is mom and "dad" must be entrenched in the charter, constitution and laws, as the first and last word in the raising of children.
No more should the few bad apples in our society be the example for such intrusive laws, it should be recognized that parents as a whole, are the answer to our problems, not the cause.

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