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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The rights of the unborn and men are intertwined.

We, and I mean all of us down here, fought against the elite, to take children out of mines (which were all young boys by the way)
and manufacturing plants (boys and girls) at the beginning of the last century. To be honest about child labour, I would have to say 80 to 90% of them were young boys, there were girls but as you can see here, they were few. It only became a feminists ideal to fight for women's rights during their free love and burn the bra era in the late 60's.
The fight for a better life for our families was a good one, it involved all of us, men and women, fathers and mothers, and the elite listened and obeyed our demands. That is how powerful we are when we speak with one voice.
But again, we are divided, the tool, use by the elite today is the lowly feminist and her ally, the mangina.

Now, we must take up the fight again against the elitist and their tools, we see how far they are willing to go, to demoralize the world we fought and died for. Teaching gay lifestyle and sex ed to kindergarten children, pushing young men out of colleges and university with their "stupid" women's studies, and beware if someone asks for men's studies, then we are all rapists.
But the worse we have "allowed" is open, on demand abortions. If we are to respect ourselves we cannot keep a blind eye on the responsibility we have as a race to to prevent the "killing" and "murder" the most vulnerable and call it a right for only one segment.
If, as men, we no longer take it upon ourselves to defending the weak, as we seem to have in the past 40 years, then we are heading in the wrong direction.
If they take away the right to life for "babies", how do you expect them to respect the place we have in the circle of life. And I am not talking about only men, once we are beaten down and they believe they have the upper hand, they will switch they gun sites on someone else. For now it is beneficial for them to "pander" to the lowly cat loving feminist, but once they achieve their goal, these low intellectual individuals will be in their way and then....

This is why I believe that men's right are tied in with the right of the unborn. They went after babies, succeeded, and now are in full war against us. Man is here to protect the weak, not to be a white knight, but to be who is was meant to be and when we look the other way, evil has always sneaked in and tried to destroy what we died for, freedom.
 I and so many others, men and women are now starting to realise, we might be dealing with the evil people do, the few who dictate to the majority. I refuse to believe the lame stream media, which say the majority agree with them, they manipulate and include the conformist, the worse of people. The conformist allows and nurtures evil, we saw this in mussolini's italy, hitler's germany, lenin and stalin's russia, mao's china, so on, all throughout history. That is how evil thrives and how we lose our rights.
 We are blasted everyday by the evils people "promote", the gosnell trial, where he "snipped" the necks of babies, in Canada, 26 week old baby aborted for no reason.
If life has become so trivial, then we do not deserve to survive as a society, and we will not. No society can survive without morality, that is the reason they want to downgrade men to a lowly subservient dog, to be called on, whenever they need protection in they manipulative wars, "we" are a danger to them.

The stupidity of this idealism is the lack of understanding of what man is capable of if he get angry. They will push us to a point where we will no longer be willing to play along, they are that stupid.

Hence, if man wants his place in the circle of life to be respected, then he must take up his responsibilities and defend those who cannot defend themselves against evil, "children". If we look the other way, what right have we to say...anything.
Man, is the ultimate defender of freedom, and that includes the hate messages of the lowly, sub-intellectual, self loathing, self hating radical feminist with a big inferior complex, who has nothing other than their cats to go home too. Ironically...

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