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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The REAL War on Women..Permanent victimization.Lanark county.

A good point....
Do women consider themselves permanent victims, to go through life always in fear?
Where I live, this message is always promoted in the media, we have one local newspaper,  the emc-courier, and practically every week, there is a report on how women, girls, are always victims in one way or another, never do I see a story promoting the strength of women, only how they are victimized...
The main proponent of this victimisation message is sarah bingham in the emc-courier who is also a staff of the local women's shelter, notoriously known to be anti men. I challenged her in a previous post to write something positive about men, admit that men in lanark county do not 'achieve power through rape and sexual harassment', like their website says. No surprise there was no response, not unexpected, they depend on demonizing all men especially fathers, in order to get more funds.
Lanark county is a perfect example of how they can spew out their hate messages and get away with it, or so they think. In this area, there was no opposition till now, they could write anything they want and if anyone dared to contradict them, you could expect a personal attack.
They were so use to victimizing everyone around them, men to keep them inline, and women to keep their false statistics up for funding, that they actually believed they could put any teenage girl on their list, coach them to use the word abuse, and get away with it.
When I decided to offer an opposing view locally, I looked to see if this was local or national, to my surprise I found this to be an open policy on their part. Been Native, family is my life, to defend it at all cost, and that is the mistake they made. This was surprising since 3 women at this shelter are native, they should've known I would not of sat back and cower to their will. They are so use to their own bullshit message, that all men are bad, they felt superior and invincible, and when I fought back they had no idea how to handle it, because I never threatened anyone, I always done it diplomatically, Confused, they went as far as sending their girlfriends to my door....Didn't work.
Now, practically every week I see their reports in the local paper always trying to defend their actions, but doing it the same old way...all men are bad.
I know they read this blog every week, their girlfriends at the opp showed me printouts when they tried to close me down, problem is, I never threatened anyone, I investigate what I write and can prove anything I expose.
The women shelter industry in Canada and the western world has become extremely corrupt, their primary policy is to make men feel like we are all violent animals and we should be ashamed of who we are, this keeps most scared to say anything against what they spew out. So when some of us decide to fight back, usually because they took from us, everything, they are at a lost on how to respond. That is how to fight back, simply point out what they did, honestly and politely.

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