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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The most disgusting mangina story I have ever read, Zach Rosenberg tells his 4 y old son he is a rapist.

I had to read the original story after I found it online, to be honest I just could not read it all, to me it was extreme child abuse of the worse kind...
Read this jackasses story here, look at the comments, no one agrees, rightfully.
Personally I can't find a polite way to describe this, my mama always told me, "if you can't say nice things, don't say anything"....In this case I am going to take her advice....
But avfm perfectly explains what we all think, so I'll let them explain it.

Pander to extreme feminism and this is what is waiting for ya...they are already pushing these messages in schools against boys....what if it was a girl kissing a boy?

This is getting dangerously ridiculous...Radical feminism is bad enough for the young, but manginas are even worse as this case shows. This is mental abuse and if anything this mangina should not be allowed to raise his son until he is re-educated on how to be a real father.

The face of mangina.

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