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Monday, April 15, 2013

The legacy of Dr. Spock...no spanking, no discipline, lost generation.

In the forties, an authority figure showed up to tell our grandparents, parents and us how to raise our children and in the fifties and sixties, parents began to apply his technique.  His name was Dr. Spock and as a result, three generations later, we have nations who are completely out of control—promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, murders, victimization, irresponsibility, lack of self-control and bad manners.
In response to what Dr. Spock told us that we did not know how to raise our children, he wanted parents to not treat their children like grandma and grandpa did such as when a child stepped out of line, they were warned once and the second time they received a spanking.  
He thought parents were too authoritarian, that children needed to be reasoned with.  In today’s society, parents talk with their kids as if they are little adults and the children are treated as a friend more than their child.  Spankings are virtually non-existent, and children are told to use their inside voice.
While they talk discipline, it doesn't take a genius to see that it is the child who is in control.  Three generations of parents not confronting their children for fear of hurting their psychy and we now have these maladjusted brats in positions of authority in our colleges and the political arena.
Of course we cannot return to the good old days, but we can bring back some of those traditional family values, morals and stability. If as parents we want our children to achieve the best they can be, we have to teach them discipline, moral behavior  this will give them a chance to handle difficult situations as they get older, instead of believing life will hand them what they want, just like mom and dad did, resulting in confusion when things do not go their way.
Is this our fault, in some ways it is, the state and its social organisations cannot achieve so much power over our families unless we give it to them. And  if we as parents decide this has gone too far, it can be reverse overnight. After all, we are the majority, hence the real power behind any nation.
Excerpts From; politichicks.tv/
Found this interesting picture and I was amazed at the support, contrary to what the media says....
Look at the likes, comments, shares...lot of support, yet no one says anything when parental rights is taken away.
There should also be a picture of girls with multiple kids, multiple fathers, waiting for their welfare checks but you get the point.

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