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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The continuing saga of feminist (sub-intellectually ridiculous) ideology, husky dog promotes rape.

College’s husky dog logo promotes rape

I am not surprised that they would attack a dog, since most radical feminists have no one to go home too but their cats.
This is so fuc#$ing stupid, no reasonable minded person can realistically debate this specific issue, other than, "shit, they are getting dumber by the minute".
Why would any woman call herself a feminists, when the whole ideology has become nothing more than a friggin joke.The stupidity of this "movement" is so out of touch with reality, eventually, so call politicians will realise that this has to go.
Locally, (lanark county ontario) with many men and women with husbands and sons, been is a position of power, pandering to statements such as these...
and what the director of the local women's shelter (erin lee todd) said, "during the super bowl and stanley cup  men buy beer and beat their wives", one kind of wonders at the quality of politician we elect. One day I am going to take them aside, ask, "is this who you are?". 
These kind of statements about men, sports, and dogs, lol, is simply stupid, and shows the lack of intelligence  in the idealism of feminism. To attack, simply to scare, no longer works for most of us, the rest who still pander to this type of low level intellect will have to wake up.

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