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Monday, April 15, 2013

The conformist...the most dangerous entity of a free society.

The conformist is 1930s Italian Marcello Clerici, a coward who has spent his life accommodating others so that he can "belong." Marcello agrees to kill a political refugee, on orders from the Fascist government, even though the victim-to-be is his college mentor.
The film is a character study of the kind of person who willingly "conforms" to the ideological fashions of his day.

History is full of conformists, Soviet union, Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, not to mention communist Poland,  east Germany, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Cuba, so on, so on, so on....
A conformist is someone who conforms to accepted behavior and established practices to fit in, even if it goes against what he or she believes in...

Now we have a different kind of conformist, the western world is full of them, our schools have become indoctrination centers against parental rights, in america we have the latest openly anti family commercial ever brought out on TV's msnbc. "Your child belongs to the state, not families or parents". In Ontario this practice is in full swing.
How is that working out... well...more drug abuse, crime, uneducated youth, teen pregnancy, welfare, parent alienation, disrespect........More and more laws to counter act it, but it is not working so far.

Children been thought sex ed and gay lifestyle starting from grade one.
What The TDSB Guide Says About Opting Out Of TDSB Anti-Homophobia Education
“Can schools or teachers choose not to address controversial issues for fear of negative parents response? No. Teachers are obligated to address all equity issues.”
“Should schools send notes or permission slips home before starting any classroom work on LGBT issues? No. If a school treats the topic of sexual orientation or anti-homophobia work differently from the range of other curriculum topics, this could be construed as discriminatory practice.”
“Can a parent have their child accommodated out of human rights education based on religious grounds?
No … While the TDSB works to create a school system free from religious discrimination, this freedom is not absolute.”
“Can teachers seek accommodation from teaching materials that may contradict their religious beliefs?
No. The TDSB is part of the secular public education system.”

And if you dare to oppose it on moral grounds, you opinion is treated as....Right wing reactionary homophobes??
Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto Centre says that the parents opposing the graphic curriculum were “ right wing reactionary homophobes.”
"Trans" activist Davina Hader, who is working with the liberal government to develop new "diversity" curriculum for teachers: “With this we are teaching the people at the top, and they’re going to have to listen. It will be mandated as part of their curriculum. They won’t have a choice,”

Let's see, what else....Men dressed in women's clothing can go into a woman's public washroom, and or locker room.
C-279 transgender 'bathroom bill'...
The danger of these changes in society is, if it puts "one child" in a dangerous situation, God forbid, where some perv decides to dress like a woman in order to access girls bathroom or locker rooms, then the price is too high.....

Men can no longer defend the weak against assaults, if they do, they risk been charged themselves for kicking the ass of a pervert, hence increasing violence against women and children...They are told to call 911, and by the time the police gets there, the assault is most probably done with....

Openly promoted hate speech against men...."recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment"...

Women such as Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin, the stay at home mom, amongst others, strong women in their own rights are called traitors by a very small but vocal group called feminists, because of their personal beliefs...
Christians now persecuted on all sides....Yet sharia laws promoted in some western countries, take a look to see which is more intolerant....
The de-humanisation of conservatives and Christians....

The Nazi’s mastered the art of dehumanization against the Jewish people and caused one of the greatest atrocity of our time. Today there is a new group being targeted for this particular type of ostracism. The liberal elite have set their sights on conservatives and Christians.

There is a consorted effort to "destroy" spiritual beliefs, family morals, parental rights, after all, in order to have total control, one must get rid of those who have priority over children, and redirect it towards the state and it's organisation. This lesson is taken from history, Nazi Germany  the Soviets, Communism,  Marxism  totalitarian regimes, all did it, so why shouldn't we???? Worked for them, why shouldn't it work with us, right?
Wrong, these regimes did not have a population used to freedoms the way we are, they were already used to the idea of been told what to do, unlike the society we are used to, to question and fight back if it intrude into our God given rights.

Everyone has the right to live in peace, whether we agree or not, but, the understanding of morality is not based on the few who want to change society, everyone's idea of moral values has to be taken into account, and respected as long as it does not discriminate. One cannot change what is, without understanding that in order to prevent backlash, there has to be limits, and in my opinion, that limit is the education or indoctrination of children. Kids will never belong to the state, the state will never have, in the long run, total control of them. If we as parents let the state "dictate" how we should raise, teach, bring up our children, history shows, it never stops there. If we do, someone down the line will try something else, like "inter-generational intimacy" which is legalized pedophilia.

The problem, as the title of this post points to, is the conformist, the most dangerous entity in any free society. Even if the direction towards immorality is supported by a very small minority of the population, the polls, studies, can be manipulated to look like majority support, by simply adding the conformist, because in order to fit in, he or she, will not express his or her belief, but go with what they think will get them accepted by their peers.
And that is ...cowardice.
Don't be a conformist, speak your mind,,,

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