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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials

Earlier this week, Mail Online reported on Maura McGowan - the deputy High Court judge who recommended that men should be granted pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials. 
In a rare example of common sense within British law, the leading figure said that men should have their identity protected unless they are convicted. 
Quite frankly, I agree.
Feminists like Julie Bindel disagree. She seems to believes that men deserve the stain of rape stigma, guilty or not, simply because they are male. In fact, she once said being falsely accused wasn't so bad.

In 2010, an official inquiry report led by Baroness Stern - a prison reform campaigner - ordered Harriet Harman to stop misleading the public about rape statistics. For years she'd been pumping misinformation that only six per cent of rapists are brought to justice, when the reality is very different. 

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Anonymity for the accused in a rape case has now become a must in our society, to many men have been falsely accused and has now become a costly affair. Police investigations, court time, lawyers all have a high cost to the taxpayer, not to mention no man is immune to these types of vengeful acts by unscrupulous women. We have seen politicians,cops, business men, bosses, workers, been targeted for revenge. They better take the issue of anonymity seriously, because it could happen to them, and their career would be on the line. No media should have the power to destroy the reputation of someone for sensationalism, any person who has been found not guilty and his name has been published in the media should have the right and encouraged to sue said media. After all, once the name is out there, even if found innocent, the reputation of this person is damaged beyond repair and they should be compensated for it by those who have done it, including the false accuser. This would greatly reduce this epidemic and it would help the real victims. After all, we are supposed to protect victims against the acts of individuals who have victimized them not demonize the population into believing everyone is bad.

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