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Friday, April 19, 2013

Mainstream media starting to address men's issue...City TV news.

In my opinion this report was balanced, it does show the fight for equality for everyone is starting to become an issue to be taken seriously and the demonizing of men, simply for being men, as they did to me, is no longer acceptable...
Sure there is a long way to go still, but the reversal of hatred from radical feminism has begun. I have posted a picture from the local radicals on this site many a times, pointing out "recognize that men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment" is nothing more than a hate message against men, promoted by ontario's own radical feminists. Such a message does not in any way advance the rights of my daughters and granddaughter, on the contrary, it promotes the idea that all women are victims of men, which is the most offensive message one could ever come up with.
I have posted my personal story on many occasion, raised my daughter on my own, saved money for her college fund, had a hope chest for her first home, did everything I was supposed to as a parent.
The first chance the local anti father radical feminists did is to put her on welfare. Even "coaching" her to claim abuse after I refused for her to be put on welfare because she was underage. This illegal behaviour on their part was technically not against me, her father, which is why they did it in the first place, but against my daughter. They destroyed a young girl's future, how the hell is this not destructive towards women?
This has always been my point about what feminism has become, they do not respect women, they do not fight, under these circumstances for the rights of women, and my reasoning is, if they did it to me, they do it to others. The more I looked into this the more I found I was not the only one. So how many other women did they destroy for statistical purposes?
All this has absolutely nothing to do with women's rights, mra, mrm, are now a necessary tool to fight and expose the destructive behaviour of the radical feminists, and also inform women of what these "cat lovers" really represent.
One of the most ridiculous messages they cackle about is patriarchy, how men kept women down, where the hell is this philosophy come from?
Do they really believe fathers did not want their daughter to get the vote?
Do they really think fathers want their daughter in the kitchen washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant?
Are they that stupid?
The fight for equal right was a good thing, yes, but it was also for other things, like taking out of mines and industries young boys and putting them in schools, (there were no young girls and women working in coal mines by the way), giving the working man of the times decent wages. They seem to have forgotten about that part of the fight so many years ago.
All this, was about all of us against the elite of the times, who took advantage of the people. But now, the radical feminist is returning us to that era, uneducated youths, teen pregnancy, low wages.

We are not blind to the needs of our daughters, we want them to be the best they can be, to respect and be respected.
If we really think about it, the feminist is the perfect example of how not to live in the past, there are no fathers who want their daughters married at a young age, subservient to their husbands, we do not allow them to be abused, we are proud as hell when they become independent and achieve through hard work.
It is the feminist who is the problem, by promoting the idea that women are victims all their lives, this idealism is from the past. They have become the group our great grandparents fought against at the turn of the last century, they want more equality for themselves than others, the same thing the rich of so long ago believed, they were more equal than the people.

I prefer to be me, with all my imperfection,
than part of a group with the fake perfections.

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